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abalone mushrooms, thailand NEW: Abalone Mushrooms from Thailand
For the first time we are pleased to offfer excellent quality mushrooms from Thailand. The can says abalone mushrooms but in Thai language these are known at "het nang fah", formal name: pleurotus sajor caju. Originally these were a Himalayan variety, that are now enjoyed throughout Thailand.

The mushrooms are nice and firm, meaty, with good aroma. Taste is slightly sweet. They can be prepared in any style you like, such as deep fried with tempura batter, stir-fried with basil chile paste, added to hor mok, tom yum, and tom kha soup. Fresh, this variety is also added to miang kham. Known to reduce cholesterol.

Until now, we have only offered straw mushrooms from Taiwan.

Ingredients: abalone mushrooms, water, salt. Product of Thailand.
This Product Is No Longer Available

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