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Thai Cooking School - Currently Not Offering Classes

In 2013 we hosted several students for an exclusive Thai Cooking School, however due to various circumstances we have discontinued the school. The following paragraphs describe what we offered, and one day we may offer this again.

Hosting a cooking school is our way of sharing 14 years of experience importing the finest Thai ingredients & cookware for our online Thai grocery. Join us as we take you to the same kitchens and sidewalk food carts where we've produced hundreds of authentic Thai recipes & Street Vendor Videos. Meet our own family & friends in Kanchanaburi, where we pull up a chair for you and share generations of cooking knowledge.

Why go all the way to Thailand, when lots of people already offer lessons on Thai cuisine closer to home? It's best to learn any style of cooking in the land of origin, especially Thai. It's more expensive & takes time; but if you've got those bases covered, you'll never regret participating in our school because here you'll learn pure, truly authentic Thai cooking from instructors who've been cooking the real thing their entire lives.

Our clean and organized cooking school is located at a gorgeous riverside resort surrounded by organic gardens, fragrant trees, and immaculate tropical scenery. You'll be part of a small group of not more than eight students, learning the fundamentals--true local flavors, how to control a wok, when to add spice, using a mortar & pestle, etc. We also eat together at delicious local roadside restaurants, and we'll spend several evenings walking around a pedestrian area of the city where hard-working street vendors demonstrate their unique craft of delivering delicious meals on the spot right in front of your eyes. A week-long adventure full of memories to last a lifetime (and some extra pounds to carry home).

In addition to all of the culinary delights, the school tuition includes two fantastic half-day activities near the resort. Sit next to fully-grown tigers at the Tiger Temple, and ride a beautiful Thai elephant through a tropical forest. If you prefer not to go, no problem! Stay at the resort, enjoy the warm climate, stroll through the gardens or lounge at the pool. You're our guest and we want you to have the time of your life.

English speaking staff are available at all times, and we welcome Thai food lovers from any country--please join us from wherever you are.

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