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April 10, 2012. Hello again! Today we're so happy to feature a brand new Thai Street Vendor Video. Lod Chong is a simple, earthy, refreshing Thai dessert that delights everyone. Go behind the scenes in our video, as two enterprising young ladies share a recipe for Lod Chong made famous 60 years ago by a vendor outside of the Singapore Theater in Bangkok.

Also see our feature story about a unique waterfront restaurant in Thailand, and a few special offers.

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Pandan Paste "The Asian Vanilla"
Feartured prominently in our new recipe for Lod Chong, pandan is referred to as the "Asian Vanilla" probably because of the addictive natural aroma.

Pandanus extract or screwpine paste, is a delightful scent that's used throughout SE Asia especially Thailand. Fresh pandan leaves (in Thai "bai toey") are often soaked in water and boiled to extract both the green color, a natural food colorant, as well as the aroma which is a bit nutty and reminiscent of freshly-cooked jasmine rice.

Experiment with pandan paste on your own recipes, and in the following authentic recipes from ImportFood.com:

Lod Chong
Khanom Chan
Crystal sticky rice
Thai Rice Balls in Coconut Milk, "Bua Loi"
Pandan Custard
Nasi Kuning, Festive Yellow Rice

This is a nice large bottle for generous use, 1 oz. Ingredients: Propylene glycol, ethylene alcohol, water, pandan flavor (natural and artificial), artificial color. Product of Indonesia.
$4.85 1 oz

"Hang Legs Restaurant" at Maha Sawat Canal, Thailand

This small restaurant sits on the Maha Sawat canal in Nakhon Pathom province.

Hang your legs over the ledge and enjoy delicious noodles while watching boat taxis speed up and down the canal. You can also buy a bowl of fish food and toss it into the water, there are thousands of fish swarming to eat it.

More photos here.

For a look at rural life in Thailand including river scenes: see our Street Vendor Video: Take Me Back.

Large Stainless Rounded Spoon, Zebra
This is the same spoon we constantly reach for in our own kitchen, the design you see in our new Lod Chong video.

The strong stainless steel is extremely firm, it won't yield to pressure, and the nice 5" bakelite handle allows you to get a great grip. The end is rounded nicely, unlike the pointed end large spoon we offer here.

Every product that Zebra Thailand manufactures is the highest possible quality. Made in Bangkok in their ISO 9001 certified factory.

The idea that a product could be made for a lower cost using inferior materials doesn't matter to Zebra. They've built a reputation based on 100% quality & design, and it really shows. Everything is made to last 50+ years.

The spoon handle is 5" long, total length 10". Product of Thailand. You might also like our Zebra Wok Turner.
Stainless Rounded Spoon, Zebra, 10"
Lotus Bowl, Handpainted Traditional Thai Design
Serve Lod Chong in style, with this unique and beautiful ceramic lotus bowl imported from Thailand.

Known as a Lotus Bowl to reflect the shape of a lotus flower. Each bowl is smooth on the inside, with 6 separate petals on the outside and carefully rounded shape at the top.

6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Vivid blue color and clean white, high quality heavy ceramic. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. You will appreciate the weight of this thick, ultra-high quality bowl.

Certified for use in micowave or conventional oven, as well as dishwasher-safe. Each piece will arrive in perfect condition as we place a great importance on packing methods. Product of Thailand.

Lotus Bowl, 6", $8.95
Back In Stock: The "Extremely Powerful"
Thai Gas Burner And Wok Stand

Here is the ideal outdoor gas burner, used by millions of chefs in Thailand and always featured in our Thai street vendor video series. Heat control is a critical element of cooking Thai food properly, as chefs are constantly raising and lowering the cooking temperature.

Fully cranked up, this stove will put out about 100,000 BTU, boiling water almost instantly. Compare that to a standard home burner which puts out 10,000, or a Wolf commercial range which might put out 20,000. You'll never find a burner this hot.

This burner is heavy cast-iron, made in Thailand to the highest quality specifications for years of use. Contoured perfectly for a wok. Far sturdier, versatile, and made with better components than the Chinese-made outdoor cookers found in home improvement stores.

NEW: Burner Stand is Made In USA! Support the American worker--see below for more details about the high quality, locally-manufactured stand. The stand is waist high--just right for hours of use.

See it in action here.

The top, skinny brass tube you see is the pilot light--just use a match to light that, and it stays burning gently like a candle, using minimal fuel.

There are three words in Thai language on the burner: Thick, Strong, Forever. With this cooker and some practice, you'll become famous.

*IMPORTANT: By clicking the "Order" button below you confirm that you've read the important safety message below, and you agree to use the burner according to our instructions. A printout of the safety message will also be included in with every burner.

See: More Information About The Burner

$175.00 Thai Gas Burner with Stand.
This Item Is Now In Stock
Please send us an email for ordering instructions

The American-made, Heavy-Duty Stand
In 2010 we first imported this item from Thailand, and were not impressed with the quality of the stand. Here is a photograph of our old, Thai-manufactured stand.

Now we're proud to say that the stand is made by a local company, Newport Manufacturing, in Newcastle, Washington. The owner, Mr Jim Denton, helped us improve the design. With his guidance, we came up with a stronger stand using appropriate materials.

Newport Manufacturing has modern precision laser cutting machines used to make airplane parts, tools, truck mounts, etc. The solid, well-built stand just looks American, and we're happy to support the American worker. Call this a hybrid cooker--a Thai burner mounted on an American foundation. The stand breaks down easily for storage, or to bring along on camping trips.

The stand comes unpainted, straight from the machine shop. Some assembly required, everything included. It will rust over time, if you leave it outside. We suggest you consider painting the stand yourself using rust-inhibiting paint, in the color of your choice.
Our customer Doug from Jenks OK is very happy with the burner, and sent us the following photographs and comments. "I thought I'd share a pic of my new 18-inch wok and high-powered propane burner (under there somewhere). I just seasoned the wok with good results. This rig is going to have ample power and capacity -- Glad I bought it right the first time! My ImportFood 18 inch wok, 100K BTU burner, and Zebra turner helped me turn out a tasty family-sized batch of Singapore noodles. (The wok is developing a nice non-stick surface.)"
seasoned thai wok singapore noodles
Special Street Vendor Video Feature--Lod Chong Singapore. Lod Chong is a simple, earthy, refreshing Thai dessert that delights everyone. Go behind the scenes in our video, as two enterprising young ladies share a recipe for Lod Chong made famous 60 years ago by a vendor outside of the Singapore Theater in Bangkok.
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