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October 30, 2012. Hello again! Our feature recipe is a regional delight from Rayong, on Thailand's eastern seaboard. Namsai means clear soup, and this is unusual because it's tom kha without the coconut milk. The key ingredient is the dipping sauce. Locals in Rayong dip seafood and other meat into this sauce, and the sauce is even poured directly over jasmine rice and eaten. Click on the picture at left.

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soy sauce with mushoom, healthy boy
New Formula / Mushroom Soy Sauce (vegetarian), 10 oz bottle

Our new shipment of Healthy Boy mushroom soy sauce has an elegant natural mushroom flavor, and it doesn't have any msg as in previous formulas.

Chefs use mushroom soy as a vegetarian substitute for fish sauce and oyster sauce.

Tastes just right with Thai congee (rice porridge). Naturally brewed from selected soybeans and mushrooms. Add a few drops to your soup or stir fry and enhance the flavor of any dish.

Made using the natural fermentation method in a modern facility with ISO9002 certificate. Please see our feature story on how soy sauce is made.

Ingredients: soybean, mushroom, salt water, wheat flour, sugar, sodium benzoate 0.1% as preservative. Product of Thailand.

$4.89, 1 bottle mushroom soy sauce
Special Offer: 4 Pack. You get 1 bottle each: thin soy, sweet soy, dark thick, and yellow bean.
$18.65, 4 Pack Assorted Soy Sauces
chili oil, hand brand
Back in Stock: Hand Brand Chili Oil

Made from 70% oil pressed from fresh red Thai chiles, this is a nice and spicy oil with a special natural fragrance. A few drops adds medium/strong chile heat, and beautiful natural bright red color. Many chefs like this just for the way it enhances the color of your food. The fragrance is so good too.

Add to recipes such as cracked crab, khao soi, tom kha, fried rice, or anything else you might like to try (see recipes below for more ideas).

Ingredients: 70% red chile, 30% vegetable oil. No preservatives.

$3.89 4.2 oz glass bottle.
We recommend adding this product in the following ImportFood.com Thai recipes:
Thai Beef Noodles Soup, "Kuaitiao Neua"
Thai Chicken And Rice, "Khao Man Gai"
Thai Stir Fried Wide Rice Noodles, "Pad Si-iew"
Thai Chicken Soup, "Kaeng Djuut Wunsen Gai"
Thai Noodle Soup With Pork, "Yam Wunsen Sai Mu"
Thai Vegetable Stew, "Tom Jabchai"
Thai stir fried vegetables and tofu, Pad Phak Taohu
sweet and sour sauce, thailand
Back in Stock: Sweet and Sour Plum Sauce, Por Kwan, 24 oz bottle

A tasty sauce from well-known producer Por Kwan, this is a delicious sauce especially tasty with crispy (fried) food such as fried spring rolls, sugarcane shrimp, fish cakes, even french fries.

Packed in a large glass bottle. Medium consistency (not think like water, but less thick than ketchup), full of plum flakes. Lovely flavor. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water, fermented plum, distilled vinegar, salt, citric acid, sodium metabisulphite. Product of Thailand.

Street Vendor Video: How to make a sweet chile dipping sauce

$5.89 24 oz glass bottle
NEW CROP: Aroy-D Pickled Ginger (sliced), 16 oz jar

We offer excellent quality pickled ginger, always fresh and of the highest quality. Our new shipment is from Cock brand, from Aroy-D, and it's as fresh as it gets.

Use this as a condiment to various dishes found in our Thai recipe section . Here are a few recipes:

Thai-style stuffed chicken wings
Thai-style wide noodles in thick sauce
Northern Thai Style Sausage, "Sai Grok"

You can also use this as a delicious accompaniment to various Japanese Recipes and other seafood dishes.

While you might only find others offering Chinese ginger, ours is the richer "Grown in Thailand" ginger with superior taste. Considering the price, you get a great deal because we see 4 oz or 8 oz plastic containers of the same product for a much higher price.

Packed in a 16 oz glass jar. Ingredients: baby ginger 44%, water 31%, sugar 12%, vinegar 10%, salt, sodium benzoate as preservative, sodium metabisulphite, erythrosin, FD & C red No. 3.

Product of Thailand.

This pickled ginger is sliced, we also offer it cut into matchstick strips.

16 oz jar

Special Offer: Solid Granite, Designer-Edition Mortar & Pestle

If you like the appearance and functionality of our rustic, ancient-style handmade granite mortar & pestle, you might consider purchasing our new designer style. Its the same super-dense, attractive solid dark granite but it's machined to a precise 6" square block.

The mortar is 2.5" tall and has a 1.5 cup capacity, pestle is 6" long with a nice taper, and the top half of the pestle has a granite polish applied to it which gives the look of it having two colors.

The mortar sits flat and will complement any countertop, with an elegant style. The bottom, sides and top are all perfectly smooth, and the inner bowl is machined smooth as glass. It works great as a natural grinder for all kinds of herbs & spices, and it would be a very nice gift particularly for someone who has granite countertops.

We usually have a limited supply of these, but additional stock for the holidays. Click on any image to enlarge. Made in Thailand.

On Sale! $22.00 (reg $34.95)

Handpainted ceramic condiment set imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. Not a table in Thailand serves food without a little carryall that has the essential four condiments: sugar, vinegar, ground chile pepper, fish sauce. Our luxurious set consists of a shaped plate that holds four individual bowls each with a lid and spoon. Painted with intricate detail, it is a beautiful addition to your table. Each piece will arrive in perfect condition as we place a great importance on packing methods. More photos of the condiment set. Please also consider our glass condiment set.
$30.95 (reg $36.95)
Handpainted ceramic fish platter imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand in the same design. Painted with intricate detail, it is a great way to serve fish, Thai Style! Great design and highly functional. Approximately 15" long, 7" wide and nearly 2" deep. Certified for use in micowave or conventional oven, as well as dishwasher-safe.
$10.95 (reg $14.95)
NEW: Phad Kapraow Paste, Mae Pranom, 8 oz jar

This is a brand new product, Mae Pranom's awesome version of the popular holy basil paste sold by Lobo. also similar to Por Kwan chile paste with holy basil.

To use, just a bit of oil to your wok and start to fry the meat of your choice. Then add this paste and stir until the meat is done and you can smell the fragrant chile/basil mixture. Serve with fresh jasmine rice, and enjoy!

Ingredients: vegetable oil, chile, seasoning sauce, holy basil leaves, garlic.

Product of Thailand.

8 oz jar
pad thai sauce, lobo

Back in Stock: Lobo brand Pad Thai Sauce & Peanuts
After a long period of having no stock, this product is available again.

Lobo is a well-established company in Thailand, a pioneer in the development of ready-to-eat meals made with the finest ingredients and technology. Lobo is one of our top selling brands, with a fantastic instant tom kha, satay, tom yum, sweet and sour, and many others.

Each package of their Pad Thai Sauce includes one packet of pad Thai sauce, and one packet of crushed peanuts vacuum sealed. There are good instructions on the package, and it only takes a few minutes. Our very first batch was a success, and after that we made three more. This is a delicious instant Pad Thai!

You need your own chantaboon rice stick noodles, an egg, some fresh lime, a spring onion or two, some shrimp or chicken, and bean spouts. Makes two large servings. Ingredients: sugar, roasted peanut, tamarind juice, shallot, fish sauce, tomato paste, garlic, soybean oil, vinegar, salt, chile oleoresin. See our recipe for authentic Pad Thai.

4.23 oz, $2.29
Special Street Vendor Feature--Khao Pad Moo Sai Khai. We take you back to the streets of Thailand to demonstrate how to make a pork fried rice, Thai style of course.
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