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Thai Wok. The wok is an efficient way of cooking Asian food, demonstrated so well in our Thai street vendor video series. We have three different woks to choose from. All of them offer excellent functionality, and their own unique benefits.
carbon steel wok, thai Preseasoned Carbon Steel, Side-Handle, Flat Bottom
Our most popular wok, this is a flat-bottom wok which sits directly on the burner and allows for ease of use on American stove tops (and many cooks like the stationary flat-bottom). Very functional, it comes with two wood handles--a main handle and a wide side grip.

This wok is fairly heavy, with relatively thick steel. Carbon steel is superior for fast efficient heating and even heat distribution. It can withstand the high temperatures necessary for stir-fry cooking yet does not peel or crack. Most importantly, it's natural. The wok is easy to use and care for--just a small amount of oil added to the hot wok primes the easy-release surface. We also include an instruction booklet for cleaning and care.

It's preseasoned which means a coating of vegetable oil was applied at high temp. You still need to season the wok further, for best results (see below "how to season a wok").

We've used this same wok for over 10 years. Ours is nicely seasoned, see picture below.

carbon steel wok, thai
The wok is 14" in diameter, and the flat base is 7" in diameter. Made in Taiwan. We suggest using this with our bamboo steamer set. We offer a dome lid for the wok but it's not necesary.
$28.95 Carbon Steel Wok Flat Bottom
$36.95 includes long handle wok turner
$7.95 Dome Lid
(see picture)
wok with dome lid
seasoned wok, thai
Thai Street Vendor Steel Wok, 14"
For years we've sold the sturdy, modern, carbon-steel flat-bottom wok made in Taiwan (above) that's perfect for American kitchens, but since we started our Thai Street Vendor Video Series many customers have asked us to offer a wok identical to the sidewalk chefs. Here it is: the same wok Thai street vendors use. You can see it in action here.

The steel is 16 guage (1/16" thick), fairly light, which is just right for constant use because it get's hot easy and it's not too heavy to handle all day. Heat transfers quickly right to the food with a lightweight wok. Round-bottom, the beechwood hand sets at a nice upward angle perfect for outdoor cooking. 14" across the top which is a common size.

See details below: How to Season Your Wok.

For electric stovetops we also offer a wok stand to stabilize the round-botto wok. It works perfectly, 9" diameter. Higly recommended accessory: our long handle stainless wok turner below.

Made in Thailand.

Saveur Magazine recommends this wok in the October 2013 issue

Thai Steel Street Vendor Wok, 14". $25.95
includes long handle wok turner. $33.95
Wok Stand. $3.65
thai street vendor wok
Thai-Style Wok for American Kitchens 14"

This wok is identical to the above Thai Street Vendor wok, except for the handles. The handle of this wok has no upward angle, it goes straight away from the wok--this is easier to use in American kitchens.

It's a round-bottom wok. 14" across the top which is the most common size.

See details below: How to Season Your Wok.

Made in Taiwan.

Thai-Style Wok for American Kitchens. $25.95
includes long handle wok turner. $33.95
Wok Stand. $3.65
wok for american kitchens
wok for american kitchens
thai street vendor wok, large
Message from our customer Michelle in Leonardo NJ:
I received the street-vendor wok (14") that I ordered and I absolutely love it! I was a little scared of it at first---I thought it would be smaller but it fits on my stove perfectly and I am addicted to it. The spatula you recommended is also great. I am also addicted to your chili paste with holy basil. I appreciate that you list all of the ingredients, I am a strict vegetarian so it helps to know what is in the sauces and pastes. Many thanks and looking forward to my next order!
Thai Street Vendor Wok, Large (18 inch)
Here is a larger wok, suitable for those who want an authentic large Thai wok that is exactly what our feature vendor uses to make Pad Thai (see below). Some customers have asked us for a wok such as this which is perfect for all kinds of Thai food, especially if you want to make larger servings. The steel wok is a bit flatter than you might expect, with the two handles as shown. Click on the picture below to see a video of this wok in action. Actual measurement is about 17.5", and height is 4.75".

Made in Thailand, this wok is slightly thicker than the smaller Thai street vendor wok shown above.

See details below: How to Season Your Wok.

$51.00 Large Street Vendor Wok

large thai wok
How To Season Your Wok
Seasoning a steel wok is simple, and very important because it gives your wok an all-natural non-stick coating. Food glides over the surface of a properly seasoned wok without sticking at all. This is a smoky process, so you'll need to have good ventilation or do it outside.

Cleaning. Start by thoroughly cleaning your wok. Our street vendor woks come with a sticker right in the middle of the cooking surface, inconvenient but not difficult to remove. Peel away what you can, then use fingernail polish (acetone). If you don't have any around the house, you can buy a bottle for about $1. Acetone is an organic solvent, excellent for cleaning your wok the first time. Pour 1-2 tablespoons directly into the wok and swirl it around, then scrub with a paper towel or rag. Thoroughly clean both sides of your wok this way, removing all dirt, oil and residue. Next wash it with soap and water, and wipe dry. Now you have a bare, perfectly clean steel wok ready to season.

Seasoning. Put a few tablespoons of peanut oil in your wok, and as it heats up, swirl the oil around to coat the entire inside of the wok. Let the wok get really hot (so the oil smokes), then use a folded paper towel to wipe the oil around the sides of the wok. Hold the paper towel with chopsticks or tongs. Keep doing this for a few minutes or more, pulling the wok away from the heat occasionally to wipe the oil around. Dump any remaining oil out.

Put a tablespoon or two of oil back into your wok, and add several cloves of garlic. Using garlic and/or shallots is a great way to season your wok. Put it back on the heat, this time tipping your wok so the heat goes directly onto the side of the wok. Keep spreading the oil around, and rotate the wok so the entire inside surface becomes blackened. Throw out the blackened garlic.

With 1/2 cup of oil in a dish, dip folded paper towel into the oil and start seasoning again, over medium/high heat, wiping the insides of the hot wok with oil. You can repeat this half a dozen times. After 30 minutes or so, the entire inside of the wok is nice and brown/black. This coating is essentially carbon, and is no risk to your health. Congratulations! You've created a homemade nonstick surface, naturally.

Care. Never scrub your wok with a scouring pad, as it will remove the seasoning. Just use water and a mild sponge after use, and wipe dry. Restaurant chefs simply pour water into a wok after each dish is prepared, bring the water to a quick boil, wipe the wok with a bamboo brush, dump the water and start the next dish. If your wok is used infrequently, wipe the dry wok with vegetable oil and this will prevent rust in storage.

Wok Seasoning Tips from Ronald in Holland. Ok, I'll try my best English here. Obviously I didn't buy a wok set from these guys because I live in Holland. Then again I recoqnized the brand they sell immediately. It's slightly thicker than China wok sets. Go ahead and buy them if your serious about cooking. By all means you won't regret it. Don't ever think you have a wok burner in your home simular to what street vendors have. That's where the thicker carbon steel is a plus. Fortunately I have a stove with a reasonable large burner but I never lower the heat, instead I take the wok away from the heat for short moments. (Never touch the controls!)

About seasoning: Use detergent only once with hot water to remove oil residue etc. Flush/rinse and set your gasburner to the max and leave it this way. Now really burn-in your wok. Making sure the flames hit every corner (if any) on your wok. Typical colouring should apear (OCC exhaust type) when you think you're done, continue until the steel turns nearly dark, and turn of the heat. Now moisten? (slightly wet) a paper towel with good quality sesame oil or if you're alergic to that, sunflower oil. Rub the inside of your wok with this towel, it should smoke a lot. That's it you're done. Cleaning: Bamboo brush and hot water, goodbye Mr. Muscle and other crxp!. Enjoy!

Do I need to tell you more. Yes I'm afraid so. Get yourself 3 woks! 1 for sweet and sour dishes. 1 for spicy either meat or fish dishes. Finally 1 for egg/omelet dishes and only for that!. You can use your meat/fish; wok for noodles and or rice recipes just as long as you remember to make it piping hot!

We used the Tao outdoor charcoal cooker to season a new wok, requiring very high heat, with excellent results.
seasoning a wok seasoning a wok seasoning a wok
Below are testimonials received from customers about our woks.
Andy, Corning NY. About a year ago I purchased Importfood's wok and I love it!!! I use it just about every day. It seasoned quickly and deeply and is relatively stick proof. In addition, it's light weight, sturdy, has a large cooking area inside, a solid wooden handle, and great heat distribution. It also heats up very quickly. In short, it's just a pleasure to use!! The flat bottom is perfect for my gas burning stove and I don't need to worry about it tipping or food spilling out. A nice extra is that the Wok is really inexpensive when you compare it to others on the market. It's a steal for the price! What did I do with my old wok? I threw it away. The only bad news is that I no longer use my fancy and expensive pot and pan set that my wife and I got as a wedding gift! Thank you Importfood.com! I think I have entered Wok Heaven!
Bill, Riverside IL. I wanted to let you know how very happy I am with the wok I recently purchased from your online store. It is truly a quality crafted item. At first I was hesitant because your price was so inexpensive. But I must admit it is a high quality, very attractive and effective utensil. The booklet you included with this item was also very helpful and easy to understand. Thank you for offering such a competitively priced high quality product. I could not possibly be happier with my purchase.
Randy, Atlanta GA. Just had to join the testimonial throng here, realizing I've picked up quite a few things from you. My big wok, mortar and pestle, my Vietnamese coffee sets, my kanom krok pan, etc. Fastest shipping around, super-well packed, and great recipes! Just made the Thai fried bananas for the kids; they loved 'em, and I felt like I was back on the streets of Bangkok.
Chris, Coatesville PA. The flat-bottom wok is fantastic, the mortar and pestle is extremely good for grinding chiles as well as other spices and the sticky rice cooker reminds me of the desserts I had on my vacations in Thailand in both 2003 and 2004. The recipes are great and I really enjoy experimenting with them for a diverse taste. I cannot wait to experiment some more. Thanks again for being a respectable company and keep up the great work!
Bob, Stuart FL. I am addicted to your site!!! First, I ordered a fresh produce package with chiles, lemon grass, and lime leaves. Next, I ordered the carbon steel wok, and I have been using this for almost everything, including some excellent curries. I then ordered a selection of the knives, including the set of four sharp point knives, the fruit knife set, the mango peeler, and the large round point chef knife. I took one of the small knives on my last fishing trip, and they were so effective on cutting bait, that I just ordered 2 more sets for my friends! I try to hide the orders from my wife who thinks I'm nuts, but I think your site is awesome! As the Terminator once said "I'll be back!"
Bill, Avon CT. This Wok is awesome and well worth the money.....I can't wait to use it again
Marie, Bostom MA. I am loving my flat-bottomed wok! It is so much fun to work with - I have been using it non stop :) Great Site. One suggestion - It would make it a lot more user friendly if there was a "print view" for the Thai recipe page. If there is one, I am finding it hard to locate... Thanks!
Paul Belfiglio. This is my third wok, but the first flat bottom one for indoor gas stove-top use. I am very pleased with it -- size and quality. AND, you are correct about the spatula -- very light duty that eventually came apart after a little use. I plan on taking it to a local welder and see if he can mend it BECAUSE I really like this little gem of a spatula. It's unfortunate that the manufacturer didn't take the same pride in this utensil as they did with the wok.

But getting back to the wok, its flat bottom makes it a lot more effective (making better contact with the stove, hence hotter) for gas (and electric) stove-top use. To be sure, it's not the same as my huge outdoor wok and propane 'dragon's breath' burner, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless for indoor use. Love the wooden handles on both sides!

Chris, Calgary Alberta. I was worried I wouldn't like the flat bottom as much as the traditional round, however after using it for a number of weeks I can honestly say this thing is awesome. I am surprised and very pleased with the weight and quality of the steel. When you see the price my first impression would be that it would feel flimsy and only last for a short time, but after picking it up I am VERY happy that this will get years and years of use. The food I've been cooking in it has varied from dish to dish, and it's handled it all. The deep frying probably would be easier with a round bottom as I might not need as much oil, but that's not an option for me with my electric stove and space limitations.

I am also very happy with the ingredients I ordered that I couldn't find in Canada. They have all been very fresh and delicious. Oh, and the wok turner was a smart order.

Thanks again for everything, and I'm still watching the videos, so keep making them! Cheers from Canada, Chris.

Jim Ball, Frontenac KS. In anticipation of receiving my new Street Vendor 14 inch wok from Import Foods I decided to practice seasoning a wok.  I've had poor luck in the past with carbon-steel woks.  I had an old, cheap discount store wok stashed out in the garage I had given up on that I thought would be perfect to practice on.  It was in poor shape. The first thing was to remove all the accumulated crud and previous attempts to season it.  I accomplished this with an industrial strength cleanser and vigorous application of a Scotch-Brite pad until I was back down to bare metal.  After a thorough rinse and dry I proceeded to follow your seasoning instructions.  I really recommend NOT doing this in your house!  I had to open every window and door in my house to get the smoke exhausted!     Amazingly, this old, cheap, thin 20-gauge wok began to take on the appearance of a well-seasoned piece of cookware.  I think the charred garlic step is the key!  I've never seen that suggestion in any other seasoning instructions I've tried, and I've never received the satisfactory results I got following your instructions.  That old piece of junk wok is still too lightweight for any serious use, but it is now well-seasoned for the first time in years and can now produce a serving of Thai stir-fry veggies without sticking!  I'm confident that I will be able to properly season my Street Vendor Wok when it arrives next week, thanks to your excellent seasoning instructions (any way to post a photo?).
wok turner, zebra, thailand Stainless Steel Wok Turner, Best Quality

Many have noticed that the real Thai chef such as shown in our street vendor videos, constantly uses a nice long wok turner. Now you can complement your wok with the very best wok turner. This indispensible tool is used for measuring, scooping, scraping, turning, serving and more. We've recently found "the best" wok turner.

Made by Zebra of high-quality thick pure stainless steel, this really feels solid in your hand. It's such a high quality that you'll have it for generations. The entire length is 16", so your hand stays a safe distance from the wok. The bakelite handle is 5.5", the shovel is 4" wide and has a 3 tablespoon capacity. Instead of the shovel being spot-welded to the handle, it's all the same piece--guaranteeing that it will never fall apart of feel flimsy. It may seem a bit expensive for a kitchen tool, but given the workmanship and materials we are sure you will not be disappointed. Product of Thailand.

You also might be interested in our entire line of kitchen tools from Zebra.

$13.65 Long Handle Stainless Thai Wok Turner

brass wok, thai

Solid Brass Wok, Handmade
We are pleased to offer this beautiful, rustic, solid brass wok which has been entirely pounded and shaped by hand. The brass wok is commonly used in Thai cooking, as well as western cooking, for preparation of various desserts (also used for all cooking). Using a brass wok has certain advantages. Brass doesn't react with acids in fruit or taint fresh coconut cream; it also heats evenly, so syrups and candies can be prepared without scorching. The large is 10.5" in diameter, 3.5" tall (5.5" tall with handles), weighs 2 lbs and has a 12 cup capacity. The small is 6.5" in diameter and 2.5" tall (4" tall with handles), weighs 12 oz and has 4 cup capacity. Click on the images for a larger view. Product of Thailand. The handles are handshaped and attached to the wok using brass rivets. Click here for more details and photos.

Large Brass Wok $58.00.
Small Brass Wok $31.95.
large flat wok, thailand
Large Flat Wok, 20" $185.00
Back in Stock: Large (20") Flat Wok
We featured the large flat wok in two street vendor videos: Hoi Tod, and Flat Wok Pad Thai. Several people emailed us to express interest in having a large flat wok, so we imported a few from Thailand. They just arrived.

Custom-made of very thick (1/4") steel, these flat woks are made for street vendors and restaurants, not home use in Thailand. They are so large and heavy that they resemble manhole covers that you see on city streets. Weighing 45 lbs, with a massive 20" diameter, this is not something you can move around in your kitchen. It would only be suitable for a serious outdoor home chef or a commercial kitchen, or perhaps someone interested in cooking at local street fairs.

We set one on top of a Tao charcoal burner, and it cooked Pad Thai nicely (see photo below). The entire wok gets hot, but the highest heat is in the center. After cooking one dish you can slide one serving to the side to keep it warm, and cook another in the center.

In Thailand these typicallly set on top of a street vendor cart or a round base made of clay, then heated with a gas burner underneath. We did not import a clay base because they are too large, but a creative person could build a base for this wok using bricks, steel (welding), etc.

Two thick solid steel handles are welded to the sides. Diameter of wok is 20". The steel is 1/4" thick. The rim around the side of the wok is 1.75" high. Made in Thailand.

roti pan, thailand Thick Steel Thai Street Vendor Roti Pan

For years one of our most popular Thai Street Vendor Videos is Pushcart Roti. Filmed in Thailand, the experienced vendor demonstrates how to make authentic Roti and it's cooked on a special thick concave wok.

Video: Pushcart Roti
Recipe: Roti

The wok is much heavier than you might expect, it's made of a very thick (5/16" thick) solid steel. It's not quite flat but almost--the center of the wok is slightly concave.

The diameter is 17.5" and it weighs over 23 lbs (very heavy). This is not for a home kitchen, it would need to be used in a commercial kitchen or in an appropriate setup such as shown in the video and pictures below. You could also use our Tao charcoal burner, just set the wok on top and cook.

Use our Zebra long handle wok turner when cooking roti.

Made in Thailand

Steel Roti Pan, 17.5"
The "Extremely Powerful"
Thai Gas Burner And Wok Stand

This burner is heavy cast-iron, made in Thailand to the highest quality specifications for years of use. Contoured perfectly for a wok. Far sturdier, versatile, and made with better components than the Chinese-made outdoor cookers found in home improvement stores.

NEW: Burner Stand is Made In USA! Support the American worker--see here for more details about the high quality, locally-manufactured stand. The stand is waist high--just right for hours of use.

The top, skinny brass tube you see is the pilot light--just use a match to light that, and it stays burning gently like a candle, using minimal fuel.

There are three words in Thai language on the burner: Thick, Strong, Forever. With this cooker and some practice, you'll become famous.

Instructions for Use and More Information At This Link

thai gas burner
high btu gas burner
Instructions for Use and More Information At This Link
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