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NEW: Massive 12" Granite Mortar and Pestle
Over the years we've had a few phone calls from people asking for a mortar and pestle larger than our 8" or 9" version (which are already huge).

Shown here is the 12" next to a 7" mortar and pestle. Don't let the photographs mislead you, this is a MASSIVE granite rock that stands 7.5" tall and 12" across. The pestle is 12" long, and very heavy itself. Total weight is approximately 50 lbs. Capacity is 16 cups.

It would not be suitable for a home inhabited by normal people. Maybe for a colony of sumo wrestlers. Frankly we don't know who in their right mind would want this except perhaps as a gorgeous decoration for a restaurant.

Far too heavy to move around, but for the right kitchen setup you might have a use for it. We only imported a few so please let us know if you're interested.

Made in Thailand.

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