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Thai Stainless Steel Tiffin Food Carrier

This very useful food carrier has been a timeless classic long before it was mentioned in Saveur's Top 100, and by Food Network in their 2007 Great Giving Top 15 Gadgets. Grist Magazine also did a short story about our stainless steel lunchbox because it's good for the environment.

As everyone becomes more concerned about ways to reduce waste, this product is a great choice for people who may otherwise use disposable lunchboxes, or perhaps a family looking to carry a lot of food on picnics but use the least amount of space. It's also a nice way to promote healthy eating, and an age-old lunchbox used throughout Asia.

There are interlocking bowls and a single lid on top, held together tightly with a separate handle/clamp/bracket as shown. The bowls are not completely leak-proof but for thick sauces it won't be a problem, and it's meant to stand upright. Add vegetables in one level, rice in another, spaghetti, sandwiches, cold-cuts, whatever you prefer. It's a versatile container made of the finest quality stainless steel by Zebra Thailand, and machined to precise standards.

2 Level is 8" tall x 5.5" diameter, with two separate bowls each having 3.5 cup capacity. 3 Level is 10.5" tall x 5.5" diameter, with three separate bowls each having 3.5 cup capacity.

Our customer Elizabeth in Boone NC sent the following comment to us via email: "I am really impressed with the excellent quality and versatility of the Thai food-tiffin! And thank you for the exceptional service when I called, and also for the speedy response to my order. Everything was perfect!". Lasts for years and years. Product of Thailand.

Stainless steel food carrier
2 Level. $25.95
Stainless steel food carrier
3 Level. $27.95
thai tiffin
thai food carrier

NEW: Thai-style Stainless Steel Lunchbox with Inner Box

This is a nifty Thai-style lunchbox made of solid stainless steel, a modern version of the old Tiffin food carrier above. A sandwich fits perfectly inside. Well-engineered by Zebra, the leading manufacturer of stainless authentic Thai cookware. The stainless steel is a relatively thick guage, so it will not dent easily, and it feels great to hold. The lid fits snug and is held down by a latch on each side. Included is a stainless cup for sauces. The cup has a thick plastic lid that forms a water-tight seal. The lunchbox has a 3.5 cup capacity and the separate container has a 1 cup capacity. You won't find anyone else using one of these, we are the first importer in USA. For a unique, different and useful lunchbox, try it. Stainless is an expensive raw material and no corners were cut making this. It may seem like a bit of a high price for a lunchbox but it's well worth it. We have just a dozen or so left in stock.

Stainless Steel Thermos, Made in Thailand by Zebra

Zebra Thailand manufactures stainless steel cookware of the finest quality, making no compromises. The price of Zebra cookware is usually higher than you might find from cost-cutting producers especially compared to mass-produced stuff from China. But you get first rate quality with Zebra and we stand behind that 100%.

Last year when visiting Zebra we noticed that they make the best thermos we've ever seen. Made of excellent stainless steel with high quality, hard plastic accents. We ordered just one case of 12 in a recent shipment, because we wanted one for our personal use and a case was the minimum order. We gave away one as a gift, now we have just a few left. We are offering for our cost price, which is still relatively high for what you might want to pay for a thermos, but we recently noticed a simple non-insulated stainless water bottle at REI for a similar price, and this is a lot more than a water bottle.

The thermos keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, for many hours. It's 9 inches tall. The liquid is held in a pure stainless steel inner chamber that holds a generous 4 cups.

Click on each picture for a larger view. The handle pulls out for easy carry. Included is a carrying strap (not shown, and we don't use it on ours) that fits through a side slot. There is a white cup under the screw-on top. The top piece is also used as a drinking cup. There is a blue button on top. Push it to click, and allow liquid to pour through the drip-proof cap. Made in Thailand.
Stainless Steel Mug with Lid, Made in Thailand by Zebra

This design is so common in Thailand, found in households throughout the country. The large mug is made of a relatively thick, durable stainless steel. Try packing it with ice on a hot day with the lid on, then drink as the ice melts. You might keep this around your office full of drinking water, the lid keeps it clean and you won't use disposable cups. You'll find plenty of uses in and out of the kitchen. Espresso brewers use a similar stainless cup to steam milk. Some of our customers have remarked that when visiting Thailand they notice this mug and wanted to buy one but didn't know where.

The mug has a large, strong handle for ease of grip. It's larger than a typical mug, with 4.5" diameter and 4.5" height. It holds 4.5 cups. The lid has a bakelite knob with Zebra Thailand logo. Made in Thailand. See our Zebra Thailand collection.
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