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fresh red thai chile peppers Fresh Red Thai Chile Peppers.
These chiles have a nice and strong, true Thai chile heat. Fresh pick. Red chiles are excellent in tom kha soup. They also make the best nam pla prik. An unusual twist: try our Killer B Red Thai Chile Peppercorn Cocktail.

Available on a somewhat regular basis, feel free to order using link below but it make take a few weeks to fulfil the order if you require only red chiles. Most weeks, we do have all reds but sometimes there are gaps in production.

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Also, we know of at least two home-brewers of hot sauce use our fresh red chiles every year. You might like to try making some of your own, these would be the best chiles to use. Here's one of our recipes for home made hot sauce.

We'll ship all fresh produce via expedited 2-3 day Priority to ensure freshness. They freeze ok, for longer storage.

16 oz Fresh Red Thai Chile
$16.95 includes shipping