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The rambutan is a medium sized tree producing a red or yellow fruit round to oval in shape. Its thin, leathery rind is covered with tubercles from each of which extends a soft, fleshy, red, pinkish, or yellow spine 1/5 to 3/4 in long. The somewhat hairlike covering is responsible for the common name of the fruit, which is based on the Malay word "rambut", meaning "hair".
Within is the white or rose-tinted, translucent, juicy, sweet flesh, adhering to the oblong seed. The rambutan has a small crop in June - July and a heavy crop in November to January. Rambutan is indigenous to the Malay Archipelago and has been widely cultivated throughout the region in Thailand, South Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.
Rambutan recipes:

Savory stuffed rambutans
Ham on rambutan-lychee glaze

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