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Spring roll wrappers, rice paper
Spring Roll Wrappers, Three Ladies Brand 12 oz

High quality spring roll wrappers made from a mixture of tapioca flour, water, rice and salt. These are rolled out by machine to paper thinness and then dried on bamboo mats in the sun. We offer the most convenient size: a nice 8.75" in diameter which is easy to work with. Our premium wrappers are not too thin and not too thick.

Used for wrapping Vietnamese spring rolls of pork and seafood, with crispy fresh lettuce and herbs and finally dipped in a special sweet chile sauce for spring rolls. See our useful recipe and photos below.

Useful Hints: wrappers must be softened before use. Simply immerse them, one or two sheet at a time, in warm water. Soak them until they are soft, approximately 1 minute. Handle them carefully as the sheets are brittle. Drain them on a linen towel before rolling.

For a different dipping sauce, we like: a mixture of 1/2 cup Hoisin Sauce, juice of one lime, two crushed Thai chile peppers and several cloves of crushed garlic (use a mortar and pestle to crush the chiles and garlic). See the recipe below, also try this recipe for Fresh Fish Spring Rolls.

See these recipes:
Thai fresh rolls "Po Pia Sot"
Larb Woonsen in Spring Roll Wrapper
Fresh Fish Spring Rolls
Alternative fried version: Poh Pia Tod, Thai Fried Spring Rolls

Each package has approx 40 wraps. All natural, and dry so they last forever in your pantry, will not go bad. Ingredients: tapioca flour, water, rice flour, salt.

Product of Vietnam.

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Ingredients ready Warm water into pan with rice paper Set ingredients on rice paper
Carefully wrap Finished roll Spoon tamarind sauce over, enjoy!

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