Cracked Crab Thai Curry, 'Bu Pad Pong Kari'

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Bu Pad Pong Kari is a simple recipe with a delicious unique flavor that many people in Thailand love so much that it's an addiction. If you like Thai food, and you like crab, you must try it. Just be sure to use good fresh crab, and crack the shells before cooking (as shown in the video at link below). Thai curry powder is the main flavoring, so that must be used.

As with any Thai recipe there are many variations. Here is our version which is fairly simple. Using coconut milk instead of fresh milk is another option.


1 large crab (2.5-3 lbs whole)
1.5 cups Chinese celery cut to 1 inch long pieces (include leaves), or spring onions & cilantro
2 tablespoons rough chopped garlic
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tablespoon roasted chile in oil (prik pao)
1/2 cup fresh milk (or coconut milk)
1/4 teaspoon Thai pepper powder
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
1 tablespoon (or a bit more) Thai curry powder
2-3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/2 - 3/4 cup water


Wash the crab, remove the shell & internal organs, chop into large pieces, and crack the claws and legs. In a small mixing bowl, combine the milk, beaten egg and chili paste together. Set aside. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium high heat, add garlic saute until fragrant (just a minute or two). Add crab, stir a little bit then add Thai curry powder. Stir well, add water let it cook for 5 minutes. Pour in egg mixture and oyster sauce. Stir quickly until done, about 6-8 minutes (longer depending on how big your crab is). Add greens, stir well. Sprinkle with Thai pepper powder, remove to serving plate. Serve immediately with steamed Thai jasmine rice. (Hint: add a touch of Thai chile oil for great flavor and aroma). Enjoy!

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malathy tharmaraju
July 12th, 2010
8:51 PM
this recepie is so so awesome n real treat 4 the eye,mouth n the stomach mmmm yummy each n eveyone who loves thai food must just give a try..good luck buddies around the universal..c yu guys so long..sawadii kaap...kapung kaap..hiha..urs kindly malibu lady...
malathy tharmaraju
January 21st, 2015
9:42 PM
yum yummy look so heavenly sure gone try one of this weeks i,m a crab fan too love it somuch,thank you 4 uploading this recepie..
May 10th, 2015
7:49 PM
I used eat Thai curry crab in those shops close to Chulalongkorn University. Unfortunately those shops are long gone and even my Thai friend in Bangkok doesn't know what happened to them.

I have craved for this for a long, long time and can't wait to try it.

Thank you for sharing your recipes with us.
May 11th, 2015
12:29 PM
I will try this I love crabs and this looks good.thanks

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