Roti Recipe

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You may have already heard of roti, they are similar to tortillas (flat bread) fried in margarine or clarified butter, flavored with all kinds of different things such as condensed milk, banana, chicken curry, raisins, etc. Roti vendors sell this in many Asian countries.

It takes practice to get it right, the video below filmed in Thailand is an excellent way to learn the technique. He's been doing it for years, watch his every step.

We've developed a good recipe that works well. With some practice you can make it just like in Thailand. We were very happy that when our 11 year old son, who has spent many summers in Thailand, tried our roti for the first time and remarked "mmmm this tastes just like in Thailand!"

In February 2010 Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star's Food Editor, used our recipe and praised our Roti Street Vendor Video in a detailed story about roti "Rediscovering the banana pancake".


2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup water
1 egg
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon butter, melted


In a bowl, combine water, egg, condensed milk, sugar, and salt. Mix well. Set aside.

Sift the flour into a large bowl, and form a crater in the sifted flour. Pour the water/egg mixture into the flour, and mix well. Add melted butter. Knead this until the bowl is clean and you have a nice ball of dough. Lightly coat the dough ball with vegetable oil (we like canola oil). Let it sit for 30 minutes.

Next, knead your dough a bit more, and form it into several balls (about double the size of a golf ball). Coat them with vegetable oil.

Roll a ball of dough flat with a rolling pin, then cut from center out to edge. Roll it up as shown in pictures below. Push it in with your finger. Repeat this a few times.

Now roll the dough ball into a very flat square sheet, coat it with a bit more oil, pick it up and place it on a hot (highest setting) pancake griddle that has melted margarine on it. You can use a skillet also, but we found that our electric pancake griddle works great. Add a bit more margarine and watch your roti become a delicious little masterpiece. It only takes a minute or two. Flip it over. Watch the video below for guidance on how to add fruit, egg, raisins, condensed milk, whatever. We really like to add condensed milk. Enjoy this recipe! It's a lot of fun, and very tasty.

You might be interested in our Roti Pan.

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Thai Street Vendor Video

All of our videos can be found in our Thai Street Vendor Videos section.

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April 21st, 2009
11:45 PM
Excellent recipe -your recipes are all just delicious. Keep it up!
April 25th, 2009
9:51 AM
would it be good also to dip on curry gravy? Like the "roti prata" that I used to eat in Singapore
July 29th, 2009
10:32 AM
Very delicious ! I search for a long time this recipe, when I come back from Thailande... so, I'm so happy !
Pearwa Bonham
December 30th, 2009
11:50 PM
I love all your recipes coz I'm Thai.Yummy !! Would you pls give me the recipe of "donut namtan"
January 18th, 2010
2:29 PM
This tastes just like the Rotis we ate in Thailand! Thank you for posting the recipe!
February 6th, 2010
8:48 PM
I just made these for the first time and served them with some stir fried pork and ginger. We ate some plain, and on others we sprinkled ground toasted almonds, some coconut and sweetened condensed milk. I've never been to Thailand, but I certainly do love to make and eat Thai food! Thanks to for giving me such great ideas!
February 27th, 2010
2:41 AM
my favorite has fresh island coconut, a little of the condensed milk and chocolate syrup....yum...
April 2nd, 2010
9:09 AM
I am looking for vanila sauce to put on top of roti. I eat Roti before with vanila sauce in Koh Chang, but can not find vanila sauce anywhere. Please help...!
April 11th, 2010
2:03 PM
Excellent, I made this last night .... posted my results on facebook .... will definitely make this again. I had to search and search for the recipe after yet another return trip from Thailand. I ate my self silly on this while there. Now maybe I won't be such a glutton for this wonderful dish on my next trip.
September 24th, 2010
11:47 AM
very funny what is this ??????????????this is not thai roti
January 10th, 2011
1:09 AM
We loved these when we vacationed in Koh Chang and Phuket but had a hard time finding them right in Bangkok. Thanks for the recipe. Now we can enjoy them wherever we are.
August 15th, 2011
5:10 PM
Roti is an Indian recipe, though Indians do not top it with condensed milk or other sweet things. we Savour it with hot, spicy side dishes, but it is our staple food. Just wanted to clarify that the word itself is Indian & not Thai, in origin.
fudzy fing
September 2nd, 2011
12:39 AM
I've been looking for this recipe scince we went on hoilday for my nana so we can have a go go at making them this website is very helpful and just what i needed
February 2nd, 2012
12:53 PM
We had this heaps in Thailand
May 5th, 2012
1:14 PM
Where is your "favorite" roti vendor (featured in your video) located in Thailand? You did not give the location (street address) of his cart. I am planning to go this fall and want to check it out. Perhaps you could email it directly to me???
June 16th, 2012
2:47 AM
NICE!!!!! thats all i gotta say!
October 11th, 2012
1:51 PM
I just came back from holiday in Phuket at Kata Beach and ate these Banana "pancakes" every day as we luckily had a vendor next to our hotel. I tried several toppings like vanilla; peanut butter; honey or chocolate - and loved it all. They take a small ball of dough and press it flat and then rub cooking oil over it and "throw" the dough side ways until it has spread out into a paper thin - almost see through dough. then it goes onto a kind of a wok or hollow pan to cook. A banana is sliced onto the dough and then the dough is folded over the banana filling like a parcel. The parcel gets flipped over and fried on the other side. Then the pancake/parcel is cut in small bite size blocks.
November 12th, 2012
5:39 AM
Thanks for that Heidi. The recipe, ingredients, background, links, videos and photos left me confused.

Thanks for the recipe. Love it!
June 29th, 2013
2:49 PM
Its amazing how the guy flatting the dough
December 7th, 2014
11:54 PM
Just had this with condensed milk tonight. Loved it!

Another good roti is "Roti sai mai" from vendors in Ayuttaya. An almost paper-thin tortilla which you roll up with crystalized sugar cane (basically like cotton candy).
July 10th, 2015
6:17 AM
I travel every year to Thailand and I love Thai pancacks and Indian roti- this recipe is great thanks for hosting it
October 18th, 2016
3:06 PM
this is exactly what we have been looking for! this recipe is much better than those that provide a batter, those are more like crepes
October 18th, 2016
9:43 PM
I tried this, I wanted them to be perfect. They came out too thick. Any insight into what I have done wrong

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