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dragon fruit juice drink Dragon Fruit Juice
Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that seems to be a cross between kiwi and watermelon. Enjoyed by locals throughout SE Asia as a delicacy. More farmers have been planting dragon fruit so it's easier to find it in markets these days. It's rich and meaty, sweet and exotic to say the least. For someone who loves fresh dragon fruit, or for someone who enjoys new things, this would be a nice surprise gift. ImportFood.com is the first to offer such real dragonfruit drink in the United States. It's guaranteed 100% nobody has tasted canned dragonfruit drink in this country unless by some chance they snuck into our Seattle warehouse since last week. Notice the seeds and pulp, in the picture below. 11.8 oz can. Ingredients: water, dragon fruit (14%), sugar, citric acid, dragon fruit flavor. Product of Thailand.
Dragon Fruit Juice, 12 cans, $18.95
This item has been discontinued until early 2012

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