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koh-kae peanuts coffee flavor

Koh-Kae Peanut Snack, Coffee Flavor, 11.65 oz

Coffee flavor peanuts have a very mild coffee flavor, a nice peanut snack.

Koh Kae has been a favorite snack in Thailand for many years, we also sell the tom yum flavor, the original flavor, and the new barbeque flavor.

Thailand grows very high quality peanuts, and these are the very best packaged for export in a modern strong tin can with resealable plastic top.

We are offering the large can which is 6.5" tall with 3.5" diameter.

Ingredients: peanuts 50%, wheat flour 27%, sugar 10%, vegetable oil 5%, iodized salt 4%, coconut cream 3%, coffee 1%. Product of Thailand.
koh-kae snack thai

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