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Pure Tamarind Paste, Seedless, 13.2 oz

Tamarind is used in a wide range of Thai recipes to add sour flavor. Usually tamarind paste is mixed with water and strained, the resulting tamarind juice being what's used.

Although we also offer tamarind concentrate, which is a concentrated form of tamarind juice (and very convenient to use because it removes the need for mixing & straining), there are some recipes that call for pure tamarind paste, and in Thailand tamarind candy is very popular in various forms.

Tamarind grows on beautiful trees (see photos below) and is harvested throughout Thailand in February/March. After harvest, the brown leather-like skin and the black seeds are removed by hand. The remaining pulp and stringy bits are sealed up in bulk and placed in storage for use throughout the year. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added to the tamarind, but it keeps it's flavor and fresh qualities naturally.

Our premium quality tamarind paste comes in a convenient sealed package. Ingredients: 100% pure tamarind. Product of Thailand. 13.2 oz net weight, vaccuum sealed, manufactured by premium producer Aroy-D. ImportFood.com is a recommended supplier of tamarind paste by Chile Pepper Magazine.

Tamarind Paste, 13.2 oz, $5.29
Tamarind Paste is used in the following Thai recipes:
Pad Thai
Stir Fried Tamarind Shrimp, "Goong Pad Nam Makham Piek"
Thai Masaman Chicken, "Gaeng Masaman Gai"
Northern Style Beef Curry, "Gaeng Hanglay"
Thai Crispy Stir Fried Noodle, "Mee Krob"
North Eastern Thai Pork Salad, "Yum Mu Isan"
Thai Beef Flambe, "Neua Pad Kimao"
Thai Papaya Salad, "Som Tam Isan"
Thai Hot Noodles Korat Style, "Pad Mee Korat Phet"
Thai Sweet & Sour Chicken Soup, "Kaeng Som Gai"
Thai Fish Sour Soup, "Gaeng Som Pla"
Thai Sushi, "Pla koong"
Thai Sour Fish Soup, "Kaeng Som Phak Bung Phrik Sod Kab Pla"
Thai Sweet & Sour Sauce, "Nam Jim Priao Wan"
Waterfall Beef, "Neua Yang Nam Tok"
A "Hot" Yellow Fish Curry, "Gaeng Lueng"
Vegetables with Tofu Dip, Pak Namjim Tofu
Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette, Thai-American style
Turmeric Chicken Soup, 'Gai Tom Khamin'. Here is a Southern-Thai recipe that uses tamarind paste and fresh turmeric. Our recipe would typically be made with a "gai ban", or free-range chicken that roams around outside your own house. Served with a dish of home-made spicy sauce on the side, this soup is really delicious and unforgettable.

Tamarind Photos: 1) tamarind and leaves from tamarind tree, 2) tamarind after husk removed, 3) large tamarind tree in Kanchanaburi Thailand.
fresh tamarind tamarind pulp
tamarind tree

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