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mirin, kikkoman Mirin, Sweet Cooking Rice Wine, 10 oz

This is a sweet low-alcohol (8% alcohol content) cooking seasoning that gives Yakitori, and Teriyaki and Sukiyaki the full-flavored sweetness and shiny glaze for which they're known.

Mirin is also used in our authentic Thai recipes:

Thai cashew chicken
Thai classic noodle dish si-iew
Baked Rice in Earthenware Pot, "Khao Op Mor Din"

May be added in place of sugar or honey in your main dish recipes, and you only need a small amount so one 10 oz bottle goes a long way.

We offer premium quality Kikkoman brand imported from Japan, in a 10 oz plastic bottle. Keep refrigerated after opening. Ingredients: corn syrup, water, alcohol, rice, salt. No preservatives. is Martha Stewart's recommended source of Mirin.

Product of Japan.

$5.69 10 oz Mirin, Kikkoman brand
Yakitori Teriyaki Cashew Chicken

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