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The Thai Street Vendor Satay Grill

Over the years we've produced over 100 Thai Street Vendor Videos, and customers occasionally ask for the unique cookware--for example our tamarind cutting board, juice cart container, and flat wok are the result of special requests.

Harry Soo of SlapYoDaddyBBQ, a competitive BBQ chef with 10 Grand Champion titles was looking for an authentic satay grill so we started importing what's used in Thailand.

The most common use of this charcoal grill is satay, in Thailand you can find street vendors selling satay from this grill everywhere. Thais also use it to barbeque toast (may seem odd, but true), hot dogs, bananas, and other creative things. Cooking Tip: use charcoal sparingly, too much will burn your food.

NEW: Satay Grill Thai Street Vendor Video

Handmade, with angle iron on the four sides, a handle on each end, metal sides, a top grate to put the food, and a lower grate to hold the charcoal. On the front side there is a long "window" below the coals, to allow air flow up. A lower shelf catches the ash.

The satay grill is 8" tall, and 6" wide. We offer it in two lengths: 18", and a 22".

Made in Thailand.

$37.00 Satay Grill, 18"
$41.50 Satay Grill, 22"
NEW: Satay Grill Thai Street Vendor Video. See a vendor working the satay grill using charcoal.

NEW: Stainless Thai Street Vendor Fork Tongs

We discovered these recently in Thailand, and noticed that most Thai street vendors use them on anything being barbecued. Especially useful when cooking on the satay grill.

Made of a nice strong hefty stainless by Twin Ray, a brand known for fine materials and workmanship.

At one end is a sharp three-pronged fork, good for jabbing and grabbing meats and the barbecue. The other end has a spoon-like shovel. The pieces are firmly connected together, and this is made to last for years.

Length is 10". Made in Thailand.

$9.95 Stainless Thai Street Vendor Tongs
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