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Thai fried onion, red
Thai Fried Shallots (red onion), 3.5 oz
We just received this from Thailand, fresh pack with the best quality. Thai shallots have a wonderful bold flavor. This is usually added to soup or stir friy, and it can be eaten as a snack.

3.5 oz is a fairly large amount, it will last awhile. Open the screw top plastic jar, and the fried onions are sealed in a plastic bag to preserve freshness.

See them in our recipe for Son-In-Law Eggs.

We discovered recently that people who are intolerant of wheat like these onions because they're not fried with batter, so common in other brands of fried onion.

Ingredients: red onion 95%, palm oil 5%. Product of Thailand. We also offer fried garlic.
$4.39 3.5 oz jar

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