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Satay Seasoning Mix, All Natural, 3.5 oz envelope


We love the flavor of Thai satay, a delicious peanut dipping sauce for meat. We also love satay spooned over fresh jasmine rice. We've offered Lobo brand satay sauce for years, but now we have a more authentic "All Natural" satay mix that we are sure you'll love. It requires more effort to make this satay than Lobo brand however, because it requires your own crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and coconut milk. Please see our recipe for Thai-style prawn satay using this excellent quality instant satay mix. We also love this seasoning on gai yang Thai bbq chicken. One package makes about 6 cups of satay sauce, so you can prepare several servings but not all at once. There are instructions on the package. Ingredients: chili, garlic, pepper, corriander, red onion, dried shrimp, ginger. No artificial flavor or preservatives. Product of Thailand. You may also like to try our Malaysian satay sauce.

$3.89 This item has been discontinued. Please see our Lobo brand satay mix.

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