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Maengda Flavor
Maengda is an insect (see below) that's been enjoyed as a food flavorant in Thailand for generations, and we have to say that the aroma of maengda is surprisingly good! It's hard to explain the aroma of maengda but it's a bit like floral perfume, mixed with apricot perhaps. More about maengda and other Thai insects at this link. We offer maengda namprik (chile paste) which is probably the most common use of maengda essence, and it's also frequently added to namprik tadaeng. We love this product in our recipe for Yellow Bean Dipping Sauce.

We are pleased to offer you maengda essence made by Pantainorasingh, a premium quality food producer in Thailand. You get a fairly small 3 ml bottle, along with an eye dropper in the packaging which is perfect for dispensing the maengda essence. It only takes a drop or two.
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