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Thai Ground Chile Peppers, Coarse and Extra Fine. Hand Brand.
ground thai chile pepper
Coarse Ground
A nice large pack of ground up, dried very hot chile peppers imported from Thailand.

Rather than buy this pack of ready-made ground Thai chiles, many chefs like to purchase whole dried chiles, and make ground Thai chiles in their own kitchen just before use (see below).

Adds hot spice to any dish, and always served in the Thai condiment caddy (see below).

This is a very common Thai condiment, and you can add it to nearly every recipe found in our recipe section. Add as much as you like, but be careful--this may make you sweat. This product has the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim award.

We are currently shipping brand new stock, highest quality Hand Brand brand 3.5 oz pack of identical ground Thai chile powder.

We also have extra-fine, see below.

Product of Thailand.

3.5 oz Pack, $3.95
New: Extra Fine
Now we have Hand Brand's hottest Thai chile powder, ground up into a very fine powder. Pop the lid and shake a bit out. This is the easiest way to give any meal an instant kick of true Thai chile heat. It is extremely hot Thai ground Thai chile, the same as coarse ground above but with a much finer consistency.

Recently we found that combining a bit of this powder with salt, kaffir lime leaf powder, and ground up Szechuan peppers makes an interesting citrusy-spicy popcorn salt.

The nice plastic jar is 4" tall. 20 grams, or .7 oz. Enough to last a long time.

Ingredients: Dried hot chili. Product of Thailand.

NEW: Extremely Spicy Burmese Chiles

We recently offered Burmese whole dried chiles, and now we have a brand new shipment of the same variety, ground as shown.

The chile pepper known as "Ka-Leang" in Thailand is a variety from Burma, and known to be extremely potent. Just touch one of these to your lips and feel the burning heat instantly. For people who like their food "really really spicy" this is about as good as it gets. It is generally thought that these Ka-Leang peppers are double the heat of already-spicy Thai prik-ki-nu.

We especially like this in Lao-style "Pra Neua" larb.

This is fresh pack, literallly dried and packaged less than 8 weeks ago by prestigious "Hand Brand". Excellent quality overall.

Ka-Leang are an ethnic group numbering over 3 million people in Burma and along the Thai-Burmese border in Kanchanaburi. Known in English as "Karen" people.

One package is about two handfulls.

Product of Thailand

Ka-Leang Chile, Ground, 1.75 oz
Favorite recipes using ground Thai chile:
Thai Seafood Salad, "Yum Talay"
Thai Spicy Chicken with Toasted Rice, "Lawb Gai"
Lao Style Beef Larb, "Pra Neua"
Thai Vegetarian Larb Woonsen, "Larb Woonsen Jae"
Korat-style Stir Fried Noodles, "Pad Korat"
Larb w/Glass Noodle & Minced Pork, "Larb Woonsen Moo Sap"
Waterfall Spicy Beef Salad
Grilled Meat Dipping Sauce, "Nam Jim Jeaw"
Szechuan Chicken, Thai-Chinese Style
Coconut Rice with Beef, Thai-American style
Pumpkin in Coconut Soup with Shrimp, "Phaktong Tom Kati"
Thai-Style Noodles with Peanut Basil Sauce
Larb Woonsen in Spring Roll Wrapper
Make Your Own Ground Thai Chiles, From Scratch. Over the years we've sold thousands of packages of whole dried chiles to chefs who insist on making their own chiles powder. It's quick, easy, and results in a fresher chile powder with homemade rustic flavor. Be careful not to prepare too many at once, if you put a big handful into your skillet at once, it creates pepper vapors that overwhelm your kitchen. We recommend preparing just 10 chiles at a time, which yields about a tablespoon of coarse ground chiles.

Start by putting 10 chiles into your skillet, over low heat (the lowest setting). Leave your chiles alone for about 5 minutes then flip over. After a few more minutes, you'll notice some chile aromas coming out. Remove from heat and set aside for a few minutes to cool. Now your chiles are ready to crush. If using an oven, place on a cookie sheet and bake at 260 degrees F for 10 minutes, flipping the chiles over, halfway through.
Crushing the chiles takes just a few whacks with the mortar and pestle, almost instantly you get beautiful, rustic ground Thai chiles. If you have a spice grinder or food processor, that works too. Enjoy!
Thai Condiment Caddy

The condiment caddy is found in nearly every restaurant in Thailand, and here we have for a reasonable price the finest quality set we could find. One of the jars should always have coarse ground Thai chile.

Known in Thai as a "Puang Prik", the caddy itself is made of stainless steel. Also stainless steel are the long spoons, perfectly shaped for scooping, and the lids that cover the glasses.

You get four glasses, four lids, four spoons and the caddy itself. The capacity of each glass is 3/4 cup. The caddy is 6 inches tall, from base to the top of the handle (not too big, not too small).

Aside from being a true authentic Thai food required accessory, it might be a fun way to present non-Thai spices, jams, bacon bits, relish, onions, ice cream toppings, candy, or anything else you can think of. Click for more pictures and description.


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