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Thai Style Asian Cookware

Here is our selection of unique essential cookware imported from Thailand.

Thai Stone Mortar and Pestle
Made in Thailand of 100% carved super hard granite, this durable high quality Asian cookware product is an important tool for Thai cooking as well as around the world. Exactly what TV's "Naked Chef" has in his kitchen (he uses the 8", which is large enough for making lots of pesto, tapenade and mixing sauces). Use it to infuse fresh ground flavors of basil, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and much more. This is the highest quality mortar and pestle you will ever find. Each mortar is cut from a solid granite rock and carefully carved. You'll know when you pick it up that it will last a lifetime--each 6" mortar and pestle weighs 7 pounds, with 1.5 cup capacity. The 8" mortar/pestle, the most popular and useful size, as you can really get your hands in it and work but it't not too heavy--it weighs 14+ lbs and has a 3+ cup capacity. The 9" is for serious users, it weighs 24 lbs with 6 cup capacity. For more info about this product, click here.
All mortar/pestles are in stock and ready to ship
Compare our shipping charges: we offer the best deal!

6" Mortar and pestle
7" Mortar and pestle (most popular for home use)
8" Mortar and pestle (most popular for serious chefs)
9" Mortar & pestle (caution, too heavy!)
thai sticky rice
Thai Sticky Rice Cookware Kit
We're currently offering a Thai sticky rice ware set for a low promotional price. Kit includes steaming pot, steaming basket, cheesecloth and 5 lbs sticky rice. Please see detailed sticky rice preparation instructions for guidance on how to prepare Thai sticky rice.

If you prefer to order separately
Sticky rice
Thai Cheesecloth
sticky rice baskets
Handwoven sticky rice serving baskets. Each set includes base and telescoping lid. 4" diameter, 4" height, attractive wood wrap base. Product of Thailand. Please see this related link for sticky rice cooking and preparation instructions. Product of Thailand.
One set $5.95
Four sets $15.95
Sticky rice should be served with the following authentic Thai recipes:
Spicy Seafood with Chili, "Pla Rad Prik"
Spicy Ground Chicken Toasted Rice, "Larb Gai"
Waterfall Beef, "Neua Nam Tok"
Spicy Beef Salad, "Yum Neua"
Style BBQ Chicken, "Gai Yaung"
Style BBQ Beef, "Seua Rong Hai"
Barbeque Pork w/ Lemon Grass, "Mu Yaung Takrai"
Charcoal Broiled Beef in Hot - Sweet Sauce, "Neua Yang"
Lao Style Beef Salad, "Pra Neua"
Northeastern Style Pork Salad, "Yum Mu Isaan"
Northern Style Sausage, "Sai Oua"
Sticky Rice Steeped in Coconut Milk, "Khao Neeo Moon"
Black Sticky Rice & Sweet Coconut Milk, "Khao Neeo Dahm"
Sweet sticky rice with mango, "Khao Neeo Mamuang"
Chicken Stuffed Sticky Rice, "Khao Niao Sod Sai Kai"
Thai Bananas in Sticky Rice, "Khao Tom Madt"
Thai Street Vendor Wok, 14"
For years we've sold the sturdy, modern, carbon-steel flat-bottom wok made in Taiwan (below) that's perfect for American kitchens, but since we started our Thai Street Vendor Video Series many customers have asked us to offer a wok identical to the sidewalk chefs. Here it is: the same wok Thai street vendors use. You can see it in action here.

The steel is 16 guage (1/16" thick), fairly light, which is just right for constant use because it get's hot easy and it's not too heavy to handle all day. Heat transfers quickly right to the food with a lightweight wok. Round-bottom, the beechwood hand sets at a nice upward angle perfect for outdoor cooking. 14" across the top, a common size.

See: more information about the wok and seasoning.

Thai Steel Street Vendor Wok, 14". $25.95
Wok Stand. $3.65
Thai Wok Set, Carbon Steel, Side-Handle, Flat Bottom
Carbon Steel is a natural "non-stick" material which makes this the ideal wok for cooking Thai food. You can start using immediately, and the more the pan is used, the more durable it becomes. Carbon steel is superior for fast efficient heating and even heat distribution. It can withstand the high temperatures necessary for stir-fry cooking yet does not peel or crack. Most importantly, it's natural. Click for more info.

14" Carbon steel wok. $28.95
roti pan NEW: Thick Steel Thai Street Vendor Roti Pan

For years one of our most popular Thai Street Vendor Videos is Pushcart Roti. Filmed in Thailand, the experienced vendor demonstrates how to make authentic Roti and it's cooked on a special thick concave wok.

Video: Pushcart Roti
Video: Market Vendor Roti
Recipe: Roti

The wok is much heavier than you might expect, it's made of a very thick (5/16" thick) solid steel. It's not quite flat but almost--the center of the wok is slightly concave.

The diameter is 17.5" and it weighs over 23 lbs (very heavy). This is not for a home kitchen, it would need to be used in a commercial kitchen or in an appropriate setup. You could also use our Tao charcoal burner, just set the wok on top and cook.

Use our Zebra long handle wok turner when cooking roti.

Made in Thailand. See more pictures of our roti pan.

Steel Roti Pan, 17.5", $109.00
Bamboo Steamer Set
Steam cooking is clean cooking, and offers advantages to boiling and other wet-heat methods. Our premium quality bamboo steamers control texture and color of food (especially vegetables). You get more nutrition and flavor since fewer vitamins and minerals are lost. Also use it to reheat food. This product perfectly complements our carbon steel wok, as it fits half-way up the wok. Just put a few cups of water in the wok and place bamboo steamer on it, and heat to a boil. Bamboo steamer set has 12" diameter, 3 pieces (two trays, each 3" tall, lid is 2.5" tall), stands 8.5" tall. Click for more info.
Rice Cooker, Zojirushi - Made in Thailand

Made in Thailand by Zojirushi, this attractive, modern rice cooker redesigned in 2015 is all you'll ever need. Featuring a timeless "Spring Bouquet" flower design, and solid-state materials to ensure decades of performance. Perfect rice, every time.

The 5.5 cup is approx 10 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. The 10 cup version s approx 11 in. tall and 12 in. diameter. Simply add rice and water, close the lid and push the button. After about 10 minutes the rice is cooked and it switches to "keep warm" mode--the rice stays fresh and warm for hours. Click here for more details and photos.

5.5 cup rice cooker
10 cup rice cooker

Solid Brass Wok, Handmade
We are pleased to offer this beautiful, rustic, solid brass wok which has been entirely pounded and shaped by hand. The brass wok is commonly used in Thai cooking, as well as western cooking, for preparation of various desserts (also used for all cooking). Using a brass wok has certain advantages. Brass doesn't react with acids in fruit or taint fresh coconut cream; it also heats evenly, so syrups and candies can be prepared without scorching. The large is 10.5" in diameter, 3.5" tall (5.5" tall with handles), weighs 2 lbs and has a 12 cup capacity. The small is 6.5" in diameter and 2.5" tall (4" tall with handles), weighs 12 oz and has 4 cup capacity. Click on the images for a larger view. Product of Thailand. The handles are handshaped and attached to the wok using brass rivets. Click here for more details and photos.

Large Brass Wok $58.00.
Small Brass Wok $31.95.

Claire's Limeaid
Juice of 15 fresh limes
3/4 cup sugar
2 quarts water

In a small saucepan warm sugar with 1 cup water, stirring to dissolve. Put lime juice into tall glass container. Add two quarts of water. Add sugar syrup. Mix well and enjoy!

More Thai Recipes Here.
Thai Juice Cart Container
Juice and coffee vendors selling from carts in Thailand often use these large, round, hand-blown glass containers to display their fresh drinks, as shown in the picture below a coffee and tea vendor has them in front, simply covered with plates.

A few months ago we got an email from a lady who recognized them in our story of the coffee and tea vendor. She said her mother-in-law brought one home from Thailand in the 1970s, loved it, but it had broken after 30 years of use. She asked us if we could get one to replace her mother's favorite glass container. What a nice daugher! Here is our daughter Claire showing off two quarts of fresh Lime Aid she made on a sunny day, in the juice cart container that we now have available for you. Consider our 3/8 cup capacity soup ladle also, it goes together well with the container.

It's about 11" tall, 7" wide, and holds a generous 25 cups (1.6 gallons). The glass is just right--durable but not too thick which would make it too heavy. In order to safely get these here from Thailand we had to have them packed into a custom wood crate, and we double-box them when shipping to you via UPS, so the price is a lot higher than what you might pay in Bangkok. We think it's a treasure you'll really enjoy especially during summer. Product of Thailand.
lao clay mortar pestle Lao-style Mortar and Pestle
Handmade in Thailand of long-lasting clay, this is a traditional mortar & pestle used to make a wide range of Thai and Laotian dishes--see our recipe for som tum for a popular favorite. This mortar is a crude, simple fired clay, very "rustic" in apearance and definitely not a work of art; however, it's highly functional. Our clay mortar and pestle was featured in The New York Times Style Magazine. The mortar is 6.5 in. deep and 8 in. wide, with a capacity of approx 8 cups. The pestle is made of beechwood (as any other material would break the mortar) and is 11 in. long. More pictures here.
Lao-style Mortar and Pestle
Thai Knives, Best Selection of Authentic Thai Cutlery
Thai Cooking Tools: Stainless Wok Turner, Skimmer, Soup Spoons, Soup Ladle, Tongs and More
Thai Rice Serving Bowls. We offer both stainless steel and patterned aluminum. Click for more details.
thai rice serving bowl, stainless
thai rice serving bowl, aluminum
$34.50 Stainless Steel Rice Serving Bowl
$26.95 Patterned Aluminum
"Hot Pot" Thai soup serving bowl with lid
Traditional method of serving all kinds of Thai soups, in particular Tom Yum and Tom Kha. Many Thai restaurants use this pot with a bit of sterno fuel in the bottom tray, as shown below, or use a small tea lite candle at the base to keep the soup hot. Campers have reported that this is a great little pot because it allows easy heating of food at the campground. It's like a little stove.

This is a good size, 24 cm in diameter (10 inches), capacity of 8 cups. Good for restaurant or home use.

Made of relatively thick, sturdy, buffed, shiny aluminum. We're certain you'll love serving soup in this hot pot. The lid has two handles and the side of the pot has handles for ease of use. Made in Thailand.

$26.95 24 cm (8 cup) hot pot with lid
Thai Stainless Steel Tiffin
A traditional Thai food carrier that tightly seals individual bowls together for later serving. Put jasmine rice in one level and soups or curry in the others, clamp it down and run off to enjoy. A great gift item that's also very convenient for picnics, and mentioned in Grist Magazine as wise for the environment. Made in Thailand of 100% stainless steel by Zebra Thailand which has ISO2002 certification. Fine crafstmanship throughout. We now offer the ideal size. 3 Level is 10.5" tall x 5.5" diameter, with three separate bowls each having 3.5 cup capacity. Click for more info.
Stainless steel food carrier
2 Level. $25.95
Stainless steel food carrier
3 Level. $27.95
Handpainted Thai ceramic tableware
thai ceramic
We are pleased to offer the finest quality handpainted ceramics imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. All items are masterpieces of Thai design and the ceramic is heavy and durable. Certified for use in micowave or conventional oven, as well as dishwasher-safe. Each piece will arrive in perfect condition as we place a great importance on packing methods. Click above for the complete selection.
thai stacked steamer Thai Chinese-style stacked steamer, 26 cm
Here is an inexpensive and very effective, intelligently-designed stacked steamer. Made of durable aluminum, this steamer is approximately 11" wide (26 cm which is ideal width, anything bigger and it won't work well on American stovetops) and 13" tall, and is comprised of four separate pieces. The bottom layer holds the water (up to 4 quarts), and fits nicely over any stovetop. The next two layers are similar to racks, as they have holes for letting steam pass through (see picture below). The top piece is a domed lid which is designed to prevent water from dripping on the food, and it accomodates larger food on the top layer. Much better than a bamboo steamer, as it's far easier to clean and can do more. Steam fresh fish, meat, and vegetables with this and enjoy a healthier meal. Product of Thailand. More Info


Large Stainless Steel Stacked Steamer
Here we have a much stronger, larger stacked steamer, made by Zebra Thailand of heavy duty stainless steel. This is a restaurant size, or for someone who likes to steam large quantities. The dimensions are 22" height, 13" width (18" with the handles). The top has a high dome for optimal steaming (prevents water from dropping on the food). The bottom layer is 6.5" deep and holds over 1 gallon of water. The middle two layers are 4" deep. The top knob, and the side handles, are highest quality bakelite.

A longterm investment, the price is quite high, but worth it if you are looking for a very high quality stainless steel stacked steamer.
Stainless Steel Stacked Steamer, 32 cm
Thai Charcoal Barbeque, 11 inch diameter

In Thailand this uniquely-shaped, hibachi-style barbeque is known as a Korean grill, and this is becoming very trendy so new improved styles are coming out such as this one we have recently imported..

Place charcoal briquets in the base, and cook meat on the inverted bowl top. The generous pan below holds juices and soup.

Top is 12" in diameter with bakelite handles to easily lift off the base. Made of aluminum.

Product of Thailand. Click for more info.

$43.95 Thai Charcoal Barbecue
Thai fish platter
Thai Fish Platter with Keep-Warm Base, Aluminum, 16"
Found in restaurants throughout Thailand serving whole fresh fish, this makes for a wonderful presentation. Place a whole cooked fish in the platter along with greens, herbs and soup base. Place a Sterno canned heat flame below then enjoy eating the fish and soup as it stays steamy hot. Made in Thailand of strong aluminum, this will provide years of enjoyment. Consists of three pieces. The fish platter (16" long), the base, and inside the base is a grill/plate to hold the sterno. Click for more pictures.

16" Thai fish platter set, aluminum. $31.95
Thai Cookbooks. We have a great selection of top quality Thai cookbooks focusing on simple preparation of all Thai staple dishes. Our cookbooks are all imported from Thailand, and you won't find them anywhere else. Click here, or any of the books below, to see our selection.
thai cookbook
thai cookbook
thai cookbook
Vietnamese Coffee & Filter
We love the very unique aroma, flavor and preparation style of good quality Vietnamese coffee. It's pure arabica, just slightly lighter than a French roast, and smooth not acidic. The premium quality coffee is grown and roasted in Vietnam, and ground to the appropriate coarseness, so you know you're getting the real thing. It's also vacuum packed in a modern can.

Preparing delicious Vietnamese coffee is quick, easy and doesn't require much clean-up afterward. The coffee filter is stainless steel and there are three parts (filter, screw-on damper, and lid). Printed instructions come with the filter. Simply place the filter on top of a cup, so it looks like a hat. Add 2-3 teaspoons of coffee to the filter, then screw on the damper so it's snug (not tight). Click for more pictures and preparation details.
Kratong Tong Mold, Brass.
One of our favorite Thai appetizers is Kratong Tong, and if you haven't heard about it that's probably because Thai restaurants rarely offer it. Kratong Tong is time-consuming to prepare but at the same time simple, fun, and extremely tasty.

This handmade brass mold is designed to make Kratong Tong, see more pictures in our detailed Kratong Tong Recipe for a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Total height is 10 inches. The top part of the handle is wood. The rest of the mold is brass. There is one cup on each mold (not four as shown here), and the cup is shaped by hand in a similar but unique pattern. The cup is about 2 inches across.

kratong tong mold, brass kratong tong
Thai Ceramic Hot Pot With Base

For elegant presentation of Thai soup such as Tom Kha or Tom Yum, or anything you prefer, here is an excellent quality ceramic hot pot with base.

There are 5 pieces to the set. The base, as shown, has a thick clay disc that sets inside, this holds the sterno or tealight candle. The base itself sits on a ceramic plate glazed in an attractive green. The serving bowl with lid is beautifully glazed, and sets on top of the base.

The set is about 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The bowl has a 3.5 cup capacity, perfect for a spicy Thai soup serving 1-3 people.

Click for more pictures.

Thai Hot Pot w/Base $32.95 Temporarily Out of Stock
Thai Condiment Caddy

The condiment caddy is found in nearly every restaurant in Thailand, and here we have for a reasonable price the finest quality set we could find. Known in Thai as a "Puang Prik", the caddy itself is made of stainless steel. Also stainless steel are the long spoons, perfectly shaped for scooping, and the lids that cover the glasses.

You get four glasses, four lids, four spoons and the caddy itself. The capacity of each glass is 3/4 cup. The caddy is 6 inches tall, from base to the top of the handle (not too big, not too small).

Aside from being a true authentic Thai food required accessory, it might be a fun way to present non-Thai spices, jams, bacon bits, relish, onions, ice cream toppings, candy, or anything else you can think of. Click for more pictures and description.


NEW: Swinglock Condiment Caddy

A brand new style of condiment caddy that we just imported from a specialty shop in Bangkok.

Under the lid is a set of four, high quality (relatively thick) glasses with a spoon in each glass. The capacity of each glass is 3/4 cup. The plastic base is 7.5" wide, and the set is 7" tall with the lid extended up.

The convenient handle swings up.

Comes in a full color box with suggested use as a caddy for Thai condiments or various spices, jams, etc, for use around the world.

See more pictures and our stainless Thai condiment caddy.

SwingLock Condiment Caddy

Thai Scraper
This steel scraper with a wood handle is featured in three Thai recipe videos at ImportFood. See it in action here:

Hoi Tod (mussel pancake)
Pad Thai
Khanom Buang

It's a rigid metal but slightly flexible. Perfect for scraping your skillet, whether you're cooking Thai food or not. The handle is all wood. It's well-made and simple, and similar to Thai knives, offered at a reasonable price. 8.5" long, the scraper width is 3.5". Product of Thailand.

$6.25 Thai Scraper

Stainless Steel Thermos, Made in Thailand by Zebra

Zebra manufactures stainless steel cookware of the finest quality, making no compromises. The price of Zebra cookware is usually higher than you might find from cost-cutting producers especially compared to mass-produced stuff from China. But you get first rate quality with Zebra and we stand behind that 100%. See our collection of Zebra Thailand cookware.

Last year when visiting Zebra we noticed that they make the best thermos we've ever seen. Made of excellent stainless steel with high quality, hard plastic accents. The entire inside chamber is stainless, as well as the outside and lid. We are offering for our cost price, which is still relatively high for what you might want to pay for a thermos, but we recently noticed a simple non-insulated stainless water bottle at REI for a similar price, and this is a lot more than a water bottle.

The thermos keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, for many hours. It's 9 inches tall. The liquid is held in a pure stainless steel inner chamber that holds a generous 4 cups.

Click on each picture for a larger view. The handle pulls out for easy carry. Included is a carrying strap (not shown, and we don't use it on ours) that fits through a side slot. There is a white cup under the screw-on top. The top piece is also used as a drinking cup. There is a blue button on top. Push it to click, and allow liquid to pour through the drip-proof cap. Made in Thailand.

stainless mug with lid Stainless Steel Mug with Lid, Made in Thailand by Zebra

This design is so common in Thailand, found in households throughout the country. The large mug is made of a relatively thick, durable stainless steel. Try packing it with ice on a hot day with the lid on, then drink as the ice melts. You might keep this around your office full of drinking water, the lid keeps it clean and you won't use disposable cups.

You'll find plenty of uses in and out of the kitchen. Espresso brewers use a similar stainless cup to steam milk. Some of our customers have remarked that when visiting Thailand they notice this mug and wanted to buy one but didn't know where.

The mug has a large, strong handle for ease of grip. It's larger than a typical mug, and we now have two sizes. The lid has a high quallity bakelite knob with the distinctive Zebra Thailand logo.

Made in Thailand.

kanom krok pan

Kanom Krok Pan

Own a legend of Thai cooking, and prepare the tastiest desert which delights the American and Thai pallette, with the Kanom Krok pan. We recently noticed this pan used on Iron Chef (January 2007, Chalermkittichai vs Batali). This is the finest quality pan, made in Thailand of heavy cast iron, it will last forever. The pan is 15 inches wide (including the handles) and accomodates 28 kanom krok (coconut pudding) cakes. We have an excellent recipe for kanom krok which is easy to follow and makes delicious coconut pudding. The pan should be seasoned once with vegetable oil before you start using it, and we provide instructions. More kanom krok pictures.

$41.95 Kanom Krok Pan w/Lid
Thai Sharkfin Clay Pot

The claypot style of cooking is often found in Thai-Chinese restaurants. In Thai this pot is known as a "sharkfin pot" but it's used for any soup (sharkfin soup is considered by many as not ethical).

Find this pot in our recipes:
Thai-style Noodles Baked in Clay Pot, "Bamee Gai Op Mor Din"
Thai-style Baked Rice in Clay Pot, "Khao Op Mor Din"

The pot has a unique design that you won't find in stores, and it offers good functionality. We offer two slightly different styles.

Click for more pictures, price, and details.

Tamarind Cutting Board. Here is the best cutting board you'll likely find anywhere. A solid block of end-grain exotic hardwood from a tamarind tree. Tamarind wood is well-known in Thailand as the very best for cutting boards, used to make all Thai recipes. This round slice from the center of a tamarind tree is about 10.5" in diameter (not less than 10") and an impressive 2" thick. The wood is extremely dense, so dense that even 40 grit sandpaper on an industrial belt sander will hardly reduce it, yet gentle on your knife. With end grain wood, especially from the tamarind tree, your knife will stay sharp a lot longer because as it hits the board the grains are straight (like a super-tight brush) rather than sideways. You will find Thai tamarind cutting boards only at ImportFood.com.

What makes this cutting board so special? Typically, cutting boards use flat planks of cross-cut wood, which makes your knife blade go dull quickly. End-grain wood is superior, and end-grain butcher blocks sell for a high price but those are made of little blocks glued together. For generations in Thailand, cooks have always used the wood of solid tamarind tree because it's the perfect material. Indeed, customers have noted from our street vendor photo and our street vendor video series that all chefs are using the same style of cutting board. We are happy to introduce this to you. Click here to see more pictures and information about our Tamarind Cutting Board.

tamarind cutting board tamarind cutting board
The Thai Market Scale
This beautiful scale is built with heavy-duty steel, made to last decades of constant use in a busy market. The scale has a slanted dual face (so the weight is shown on both sides) showing a beautiful Thai rooster. The top pan comes off, as shown, and it has a serial number hand stamped into it, matching the scale's serial number.

A nice conversation piece and useful tool for your kitchen, garage, or weekend market. We have 15 kg measurement capacity. Base is 7" x 11". Height is 12".

Click for more pictures and detailed description.

palad kik
Palad Kik, The Small Lucky Penis From Thailand
Look around a Thai street vendor's cart, and you're likely to see a "Palad Kik". Carried by merchants, the palad kik is believed to help bring in more sales, more customers, and entice others to find you attractive.

Non-Thais might think the small wood carving is a type of erotic art, and feel embarrassed to see this sitting in a business, but in Thailand it's simply a portable charm that helps bring in sales.

Many people in Thailand keep a palad kik on their keyring. Popular with tourists visiting Thailand, you might want one to attract new customers to your business or interesting people to your life. Made by hand of a special Thai hardwood, give it a shake and you'll hear a small rattle--the traditional palad kik have a tiny rock inside. Each one has been blessed at a Thai temple, and has a Buddhist inscription carved on the side. Product of Thailand. More Palad Kik Info Here.

Introducing The "Extremely Powerful"
Thai Gas Burner And Wok Stand

Here is the ideal outdoor gas burner, used by millions of chefs in Thailand and always featured in our Thai street vendor video series. Heat control is a critical element of cooking Thai food properly, as chefs are constantly raising and lowering the cooking temperature.

Fully cranked up, this stove will put out about 100,000 BTU, boiling water almost instantly. Compare that to a standard home burner which puts out 10,000, or a Wolf commercial range which might put out 20,000. You'll never find a burner this hot.

This burner is heavy cast-iron, made in Thailand to the highest quality specifications for years of use. Contoured perfectly for a wok. Far sturdier, versatile, and made with better components than the Chinese-made outdoor cookers found in home improvement stores.

The burner comes with a sturdy custom stand made of welded steel. The stand is waist high--just right for hours of use. You also get a T-bolt to affix the burner to the stand. See it in action here.

See: More Instructions For Use and More Info About The High BTU Gas Burner

thai gas burner with stand
$175.00 More Info
The Thai Painted Tray
Curiously, most households in Thailand have an identical food tray. Made of a simple, relatively thick steel not plastic. Feels like something from two or three generations ago, before cheap plastic took the place of real metal.

Featured in many of our Thai street vendor videos, notably our Thai curry paste series.

Painted with a simple flower design. The tray is 16" in diameter. The paint job is primitive and there may be small chips on the edges.

16" Thai tray, $17.50
krong kraeng pressure mold
NEW: Krong Kraeng Pressure Mold

A unique tool used to make Krong Kraeng Krop (crispy clam shell snack). Small pieces of dough are flattened out over the ridges of this tool, then rolled up gently and fried.

See our Krong Kraeng Video and Recipe

This tool is made of a strong, thick plastic. High quality, will last forever.

7" total length, the mold section is 4" x 1.5".

Krong Kraeng Pressure Mold, $7.95
tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold Thai Fried Peanut Cookie Tool

This is a very simple tool. The flat cup and handle are shaped by hand. It's used exclusively to make "Tua Tod" Fried Peanut Cookies. Fine quality overall and very unique.

Recipe: "Tua Tod" Fried Peanut Cookies
Video: Tua Tod Thai Street Vendor

Product of Thailand.

$8.65 Thai Fried Peanut Cookie Tool
tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold

Large Flat Wok, 20" $185.00
Large (20") Flat Wok
We featured the large flat wok in two street vendor videos: Hoi Tod, and Flat Wok Pad Thai. Several people emailed us to express interest in having a large flat wok, so we imported a few from Thailand. They just arrived.

Custom-made of very thick (1/4") steel, these flat woks are made for street vendors and restaurants, not home use in Thailand. They are so large and heavy that they resemble manhole covers that you see on city streets. Weighing 45 lbs, with a massive 20" diameter, this is not something you can move around in your kitchen. It would only be suitable for a serious outdoor home chef or a commercial kitchen, or perhaps someone interested in cooking at local street fairs.

The entire wok gets hot, but the highest heat is in the center. After cooking one dish you can slide one serving to the side to keep it warm, and cook another in the center.

In Thailand these typicallly set on top of a street vendor cart or a round base made of clay, then heated with a gas burner underneath. We did not import a clay base because they are too large, but a creative person could build a base for this wok using bricks, steel (welding), etc.

Two thick solid steel handles are welded to the sides. Diameter of wok is 20". The steel is 1/4" thick. The rim around the side of the wok is 1.75" high. Made in Thailand.

NEW: The Thai Street Vendor Satay Grill
Over the years we've produced over 100 Thai Street Vendor Videos, and customers occasionally ask for the unique cookware--for example our tamarind cutting board, juice cart container, and flat wok are the result of special requests.

A few months ago we got a message from Harry Soo of SlapYoDaddyBBQ, a competitive BBQ chef with 10 Grand Champion titles. He was looking for an authentic satay grill.

The most common use of this charcoal grill is satay, in Thailand you can find street vendors selling satay from this grill everywhere. Thais also use it to barbeque toast (may seem odd, but true), hot dogs, bananas, and other creative things. Cooking Tip: use charcoal sparingly, too much will burn your food. See: Satay Sauce Recipe, and Pork Satay Recipe

Handmade, with angle iron on the four sides, a handle on each end, metal sides, a top grate to put the food, and a lower grate to hold the charcoal. On the front side there is a long "window" below the coals, to allow air flow up. A lower shelf catches the ash. 18" and 22" long, 8" tall, and 6" wide. Made in Thailand. More Info Here.

$37.00 Satay Grill, 18"
$41.50 Satay Grill, 22"
NEW: Zebra Thailand Stainless "Loop Handle Pot"

Zebra Thailand designs cookware that is made to last for decades, using the very best materials. If you've never felt in your hand a cooking tool made by Zebra, you'll be very surprised. See our entire line of Zebra stainless steel cookware. Quality unlike cooking tools made anywhere in the world

The loop handle pot is no exception to the quality standard of Zebra, and it's become very popular all around the world. Campers use it, calling it a Billy Pail, and there is a lot of discussion on the internet among people who absolutely love the quality, design, and workmanship. This is no surprise to us, because we've been selling Zebra since 1999, and their quality standard never changes.

The Loop Handle Pot is a great way to carry food for not just camping but picnics, potlucks, etc. You get a tough stainless steel bucket, and a smaller internal dish that fits into the top of the pot. Handle locks everything together. The super strong lid is flat on top, you turn it upside down and it becomes a separate dish. A notch in the handle makes it easy to hang over a fire.

16cm is 7.5" tall (w/out handle), holds 13 cups. Internal dish holds 3.5 cups.

14cm 6.5" tall (w/out handle), holds 8 cups. Internal dish holds 2.5 cups.

Made in Thailand. More pictures of the Loop Handle Pot here.

$35.00 Loop Handle Pot, 16cm
$31.00 Loop Handle Pot, 14cm
NEW: Zebra Thailand Stainless "Indian Pan"

Zebra Thailand designs cookware that is made to last for decades, using the very best materials. If you've never felt in your hand a cooking tool made by Zebra, you'll be very surprised. See our entire line of Zebra stainless steel cookware. Quality unlike cooking tools made anywhere in the world.

Recently we started offering the Loop Handle Pot from Zebra, and now we are introducing this high quality "Indian Pan".

The Indian Pan is no exception to the high quality standard of Zebra. Used extensively in Thailand by street vendors, you can cook in the pan on your stove top, or also put already cooked food into the pan for keeping and serving.

The pan is pure stainless steel with a unique design. There is a nice wide rim around the pot for easy carrying, and the lid has a unique sophisticated appearance as shown.

We are a direct importer and able to offer for a price that is lower than you may expect for such high quality cookware.

16cm is 7.5" across the top, and 3.5" tall, holds 7.5 cups.

18cm is 8" across the top, and 4" tall, holds 10 cups. A great size.

More pictures of the Indian Pan.

Made in Thailand.

$26.00 Indian Pan, Stainless, 16 cm
$31.00 Indian Pan, Stainless, 18 cm
thai stainless steel cooking basket
The Thai Stainless Steel Cooking Basket
Extremely well-made using the highest quality materials & craftsmanship, a stainless steel basket that you'll use for every type of cooking.

Whether you want to blanch vegetables, cook meat separately, or use it to fry foods, this design from Thailand may become one of your favorite cooking tools. We reach for it all the time, since purchasing one in a Thai supermarket last year. Now we've imported a few dozen so you can have one in your kitchen.

You can set the basket on your pot and walk away if you wish, as there is a simple clip under the handle that keeps the basket steady (as shown).

The hardwood handle is 8" long, the basket is a generous 4.5" wide, and 4" deep. This is a more modern version of the long handle takraw commonly used by street vendors in Thailand.

Made in Thailand. Click for more pictures.

$28.95 Stainless Steel Cooking Basket
The Tao Charcoal Burner
Found in most Thai homes, the "Tao" is a small and convenient way to cook outdoors, and it doesn't make much mess. Used for generations, this clay oven is now more efficient than ever thanks to a new design which has captured the interest of Thai academics and government officials who are promoting it as a great way to reduce fuel consumption. Using very little charcoal, this cooker produces enough heat to stir-fry small or large woks, boil water, or barbeque meats. More Info Here.
Info: Tao Charcoal Burner
NEW: Thai Popsicle Maker

Fresh, hand-poured, home-made popsicles are a rare sight in Thailand these days, and we've certainly never an ancient-style Thai popsicle maker in USA. We've imported a handful, they're fully-functional and ready to use.

Each popsicle maker consists of these parts:

1 double-walled basin to hold the ice (22" x 11")
1 lid with handle
1 rotating top with four handles
40 hand-made tubes

We have a Thai Popsicle Video for you to see a vendor in action, briskly selling one after another to happy customers.

Simply fill the basin with ice, add 6 cups of rock salt, balance with cold water.

Usually a range of flavors is poured into the tubes, such as pineapple juice, coca cola, sprite, lemonade, grape juice, etc.

SEE: More Information About the Thai Popsicle Maker

Now on DVD:
Learn How To Cook Like a Thai Street Vendor

ImportFood.com's Thai Street Vendor Series

Highest Quality DVD from Victory Studios, Seattle WA.

Only $17.95. Includes Recipe Booklet. More Info Here.

For two years we've presented new, professionally-produced Thai Street Vendor videos at ImportFood.com on a monthly basis. At this point we have over 50 feature videos on our website. Many customers say these videos offer the best instruction on how to cook authentic Thai food, and request that we offer it on DVD.

Our Street Vendor Cooking DVD 1 offers 20 of our most popular videos in full picture format so you can watch them on your computer or at home on your big screen tv. Quality is outstanding, and the DVDs are professional grade not cheap reproduction discs from an office supply store. We utilized the state-of-the-art services of Victory Studios in Seattle.

New: Our Street Vendor DVD Is Now a 5 Part Series

The DVDs are packaged in a standard case, as shown below, with a recipe booklet inside detailing the ingredients and method of each recipe shown in the DVD.

This Thai street vendor DVD is unlike anything on the market, is an excellent addition to your cookbook collection, and includes a proper introduction with a menu of the following videos. Inside the DVD case is a printed recipe booklet.
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