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Thai Iced Tea / A Summer Dream

Thai tea has become very popular in the United States as people find pleasure sipping this delicious, unique tea. Tasting it in hot summer months, sitting around a swimming pool or on the beach, is like a dream.

We've been importing Thai tea from Thailand for over 10 years, from an excellent quality manufacturer (the BEST brand!) that supplies street vendors in Thailand, and restaurants around the world. A combination of Thai tea leaves and spices. The flavor is just right, it could not be more authentic.

If you're thinking of Thai iced tea on your summer picnic, want to make Thai ice tea popsicles, create a Thai ice tea cake frosting, etc, we're offering a great deal on the real thing, in Por Kwan brand.

Included in your purchase is a recipe card and 16 oz package of Thai tea, and we have visual instructions for you below.

Ingredients: Thai tea leaves, dried lemongrass, dried pandan leaves, yellow #6. We also offer Thai-Style Tapioca Pearl Tea.

Method: Boil 8 cups water. Place 8-10 heaping tablespoons tea mix in a large pitcher or pot. Pour boiling water over the tea and let steep for 5 minutes. Use a strainer to strain the tea into a second pitcher (this removes most of the loose tea), then use a coffee filter or the stainless/muslin filter offered below to filter it back into the (rinsed) first pitcher. Add sugar to taste (recommend at least 1 cup, as Thai icetea should be very sweet), stir and let cool then put in the fridge. Pour chilled tea over ice (prefer crushed ice) and top with evaporated milk. Let the milk float on the ice and slowly sink into the tea.

Variant Method: Let the wonderful fragrance of Thai icetea fill your home, and enjoy a stronger-tasting tea. In medium pot boil 8 cups water and add 8-10 heaping tablespoons of Thai tea mix (note, it's much more convenient if you put the tea mix inside the filter pictured below then place in the boiling water). Reduce heat and let simmer uncovered for 1 hour. Add water to re-fill pot to original level, and let simmer for additional 1 hour. Add water once again and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Strain, cool and serve as per above method. This method yields a stronger tea and is the more common way of preparation in Thailand. We also offer instant Thai tea mix.

See below pictures of Bangkok vendor preparing individual servings for the most authentic method.

thai ice tea Thai Ice Tea Mix, 16 oz

Por Kwan brand, Product of Thailand.

1 pack
Special Offer
3 packs, $14.89
Stainless/muslin filter

thai tea filter

Place tea in the filter, use a bread tie to keep it closed, or just twist it. Add water and bring to mild boil. Click to enlarge image.

thai tea filter
Thai iced tea is a Bangkok favorite, see the street vendor in action!
Thai tea
Thai tea
thai tea
Thai tea
Thai tea
Thai tea
This vendor specializes in Thai icetea and has a cart designed just for that purpose. Step 1 he puts Thai tea in the filter and lets steep 5 minutes. Step 2 pour into a glass. Step 3 add sweetened condensed milk and stir. Step 4 pour over a cup full of crushed ice. Step 5 top with a bit of evaporated (or fresh) milk. Enjoy!
NEW Dancing Thai Street Vendor Video

Pulled Thai Tea "Cha Chuck"

This is a new style of serving Thai tea, where the vendor does a dance and "pulls" the tea as it's being poured.

Checkout this new Thai Street Vendor Video here.

Thai Iced Coffee. We now offer the traditional, unique Thai iced coffee drink known as "oleang" which is a blend of coffee, sesame and corn. Thai Coffee: for complete preparation instructions, click here.

Below are testimonials received from customers about our Thai tea.
Anne, Spokane WA. Having recently discovered the amazing taste of thai ice tea, I knew I'd have to make my own! I stopped by the local thai shop and discovered that they buy your brand of tea! I immediately ran home and ordered my own! After receiving the package, and making my first batch of tea, I am happier than I could have ever hoped! The tea is perfect, and you will most definitely be getting repeat business from me! thanks again!
Kathy, Erin TN. We received the Por Kwan tea today. I cannot express how happy we are to have our favorite tea! Thank you so much for you time and attention. We will be ordering from you again soon. You may even attrack new customers as we share our delicious Thai Tea during the Christmas holidays. Thanks again.
Christopher, San Mateo, CA. I just received my order today. I love the Thai ice tea mix, I will order more for sure when I run out. You have a great service, keep up the great work and I look foward to seeing what new items you have added, I am sure I will order them.
Steve, Yorktown, VA. I recently ordered thai tea from you folks and am thoroughly impressed!! My wife and I love thai food as well as what your web site has to offer. You can count on more orders from us in the future. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Joe M, Portland OR. Thank you very much for your speedy response. I also ordered some of the Thai Iced Tea. It is wonderful!! And so easy to make. I will return to your site when I run out and to shop for more exquisite foods.
DMR, Sun City CA. I received your products exactly as described and exactly when they were supposed to be here(Thai fresh produce, Tom Kha soup base, Thai iced tea) and I love them! Can't wait to make soup tonight with the fresh produce I got! Thanks!
Xochitl, Montebello CA. I just finished brewing your Thai ice tea and I carefully followed your instructions and I am so very happy. It tastes exactly like the one sold in Thai resturants. Awesome. Thank you.
Hunter, Bellingham WA. Thank you for the prompt shipment of my Thai Iced Tea Mix and Filter. I opened it immediately and began brewing my tea. I will definitely do business with you in the future! Thank You & Namaste.
Angel, Nashville TN. I ordered this item on tuesday and received it on thursday. I made it and it is absolutely wonderful. It taste just like the kind in the thai restaurants. I've been searching for this tea for a while and glad I found it on here. I will be buying it from now on. Thank the Lawd.(logging of so I can do the happy dance:)
Violet, GA. This mix, is a blend of leaves that are really fine, we made it in the coffee maker. I did purchase the cloth strainer, but that should be used for large amounts of tea. The coffee maker did just fine, make sure you don't use too much mix though, it's concentrated stronger than coffee is, so please take note of the instructions when it comes to measurement. It tastes delicious, just like I like it. I did not have condensed milk though, so I had to use regular milk. I will admit you definitely need the condensed milk if you want it to be like the restaurant's style. But it had the same flavors, the regular milk tended to water it down a bit.
I sweetened it with normal sugar, everything was fine. This is a nice size bag, you should have enough for awhile with this one. I recommend this if you love Thai Tea like I do.
Lydia, Lyons IN. I went to a Thai restaurant for the first time in July(2009). I noticed that a girl at a table near us had a drink that was orange colored so I asked the waitress about it. She told me that is was a Thai Iced Tea and what was in it. I ordered one and absolutely fell in love with it. I have been looking online for the mix and finally found here at I received my order a couple days ago and had some last night. Thank you so much for providing this product to the public. Now I can have one of the best drinks at home!
Isabel, Hendersonville, NC. My box of Por Kwan Tea Mix arrived today and I immediately set a pot on the stove following your excellent instruction. The fragrance was intoxicating...exactly what I remember from good Thai restaurants. I've been searching for just such a product for literally years!
Natalie, Seattle WA. Hello. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Thai iced tea mix you sell (Por Kwan brand). I have been trying to make my own Thai iced tea for a while now and never found a bag of Thai tea that I liked or that worked out very well. I ordered the one on your site and made it using the directions you supplied (thank you) and it turned out exactly how it tastes at a good Thai restaurant. Now I can save money and make my own. Thank you so much!
Rhiannon, IN. Many years ago I discovered you to be about the only place to carry not instant Thai tea, but the kind that you actually had to brew. I've moved around a lot and am fairly poor, but by heavens at least once every year (and a couple years twice a year!) I order the three for 12 or so bucks of the brewed thai tea that you carry, I practically live on this stuff, and it is very forgiving regarding brewing, I can't always do it like you instruct, but I have found a number of ways I can fix it and it's ALWAYS good.

I'm living near my mother again and I recently took some down for her to try, she loves iced tea in the summer. It's going on winter her now but I suspect when I order my next batch of Thai tea I'll be ordering extra, because she liked it very much, I was scolded for not having introduced it to her during "iced tea season"! (why it's only summer for her I don't know, it's all year round for me!)

Thank you for continuing to carry this product all this time, for having it a reasonable price...please don't ever drop it from your inventory. Thanks to it I've also occasionally ordered other items here and there to experiment with and get to enjoy a wider variety of flavors and cooking experiences. You folks are wonderful.
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