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black sticky rice, thailand Thai black sticky rice is of the greatest contributions of Thailand to entire mankind--this dessert is so delicious you'll never have enough.

A rare rice that we don't often promote because in truth we usually only have a few cases on hand. Good black sweet rice is often sold for $6 or $8 per lb, and here we have the very best "Aroy-D" brand in a generous 5 lb bag for a great price.

You can cook it as 100% black sticky rice, or feel free to mix 50% (more or less) of white sticky rice and steam together. The result is a nice consistent purple color, with really rich flavor.

See our recipe for black sticky rice & sweet coconut milk dessert.

You get one 5 lb bag, Aroy-D brand as shown. Product of Thailand.
$12.50 5 lb bag
Thai black rice (black sticky rice)

Known as purple sticky rice, or black sticky rice, is a very attractive, deep purple color when cooked. It adds unique color and exotic taste to any meal. Typically Thai black sticky rice is served as a dessert, topped with sweet coconut milk.

Here is a new recipe we developed after visiting a rice expo in Bangkok sponsored by the King of Thailand: Black and White Sweet Rice Dessert with Fresh Fruit. It can also be eaten any way you'd like: perhaps with mango or coconut ice cream or rambutan in light syrup. We're currently offering a low price for a convenient 5 lb bag of Thai black sticky rice, and you can purchase the essential cookware.

Note that Thai black sticky is a particular variety of sweet rice, and you must not substitute other varieties with this method.

Method: Rinse rice 2-3 times, until water runs clear. Place rinsed rice in a bowl and fill with cool water so the water is approximately 2-3 inches above the rice (see Step 1). Let the rice stand in water for 6-8 hours. Drain the rice, place it in a cheesecloth, wrap it up and put the cheesecloth inside bamboo steaming basket. Put 6-8 cups of water in sticky rice steamer. Then place bamboo steaming basket inside sticky rice steamer (see step 2). Be sure the bottom of the basket does not touch the boiling water. Place a standard 8 inch lid loosely over the top of the basket (see Step 3). Turn on the heat, medium/high, and steam the rice for 45 minutes (or until tender). Enjoy!

soaking black sticky rice
sticky rice cheesecloth sticky rice steaming
Step 1: soak
Step 2: wrap
Step 3: cover, steam
sticky rice steamer sticky rice steaming basket
Black Sticky Rice, 5 lbs
Sticky Rice Steamer
Steaming Basket
Made in Thailand
Made in Thailand
Made in Thailand
sticky rice, thai Follow the same preparation instructions above to make regular white Thai sticky rice. It is meant to be formed into small balls that you make with your fingers. Then dip it in spicy sauce and let it soak up like a sponge (see recipes below).

White Sticky Rice, 5 lbs
Product of Thailand
Sticky rice should be served with the following authentic Thai recipes:
Sticky Rice Steeped in Coconut Milk, "Khao Neeo Moon"
Thai Black Sticky Rice Dessert with Coconut Milk, "Khao Neeo Dahm"
Black and White Sweet Rice Dessert with Fresh Fruit
Thai Spicy Ground Chicken and Toasted Rice, "Larb Gai"
Thai Waterfall Beef, "Neua Nam Tok"
Thai Spicy Beef Salad, "Yum Neua"
Thai Style Barbeque Chicken, "Gai Yaung"
Thai Style Barbeque Beef, "Seua Rong Hai"
Thai Barbeque Pork with Lemon Grass, "Mu Yaung Takrai"
Thai Charcoal Broiled Beef in Hot - Sweet Sauce, "Neua Yang"
Lao Style Beef Salad, "Pra Neua"
Northern Thai Style Sausage, "Sai Oua"
Recipe: Thai Black Sticky Rice & Sweet Coconut Milk, 'Khao Neeo Dahm'

When steeaming your sticky rice, mix 50% black and 50% white sticky rice.


1.5 cups cooked black sticky rice (refer to detailed instructions above)
1.5 cups water
1 teaspoon tapioca starch
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
coconut milk
1 teaspoon sesame seeds, toasted
Fresh mint leaves for garnish (optional)

First prepare the black sticky rice as per our detailed instructions. Place 1.5 cups cooked black sticky rice in a saucepan and add 1.5 cups water. Bring to a boil and cook for 12 minutes (or a bit more if you want the rice to be extra-soft). While the rice is cooking, in a separate bowl mix the tapioca starch with a small amount of water and stir to make a paste. Also open a box of coconut milk and mix it well with a spoon. After the rice has cooked 12 minutes, add the tapioca. Stir well and remove from heat. Add sugar, salt, and continue to stir. Spoon the rice into two or three serving bowls (try to use somewhat flat bowls rather than deep ones). Spoon a thin layer of coconut milk over the rice, just enough to cover it, and garnish with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and a sprig of fresh mint. Serve nice and hot, and let the person eating it mix together the rice and coconut milk. Enjoy--this is one very delicious dessert! We also have a recipe for sweet sticky rice with mango.

thai black and white sticky rice
thai black and white sticky rice
soaking black sticky rice in water
steaming thai sticky rice
simmer thai sticky rice dessert thai black sticky rice dessert
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