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Stainless Steel Cookware & Tools From Zebra Thailand
Every product that Zebra Thailand manufactures is the highest possible "Quality". Made in Bangkok in their ISO 9001 certified factory.

The idea that a product could be made for a lower cost using inferior materials doesn't matter to Zebra. They've built a reputation based on 100% quality & design, and it really shows.

Everything is made to last 50+ years. In many ways, Zebra quality reminds us of products made in America decades ago, before mass retailers shifted toward cheaper Chinese cookware products.

People in Thailand take cooking seriously, so it doesn't seem to matter that Zebra brand products are expensive. Zebra still dominates the market for cookware despite the relatively high price.

Thai Stainless Steel Tiffin Food Carrier
A classic Thai lunchbox that's gaining popularity in America as a great choice for people who may otherwise use disposable lunchboxes, or perhaps a family looking to carry a lot of food on picnics using the least amount of space. Picked by Food Network in their 2007 Great Giving Top 15 Gadgets!

It's also a nice way to promote healthy eating, and an age-old lunchbox used throughout Asia. The interlocking bowls are connected with a separate handle/clamp/bracket as shown, and a single lid on top. The bowls are not completely leak-proof but for thick sauces it won't be a problem, and it's meant to stand upright. Add vegetables in one level, rice in another, spaghetti, sandwiches, cold-cuts, whatever you prefer. A versatile container made of the finest quality stainless steel, and machined to precise standards.

We Now Have Even More Sizes -- See This Link For Current Info.

Our customer Elizabeth in Boone NC sent the following comment to us via email: "I am really impressed with the excellent quality and versatility of the Thai food-tiffin! And thank you for the exceptional service when I called, and also for the speedy response to my order. Everything was perfect!".

2 Level Stainless food carrier
14 cm. $25.95
3 Level Stainless food carrier
14 cm. $27.95
3 Level Stainless food carrier
10 cm. $22.95

Stainless Steel Thermos, Made in Thailand by Zebra
When visiting Zebra we noticed that they make the best thermos we've ever seen! Now we have it available for you.

Made of excellent stainless steel with high quality, hard plastic accents. The price might seem relatively high for what you might want to pay for a thermos, but we recently noticed a simple non-insulated stainless water bottle at REI for a similar price, and this is a lot more than a water bottle.

The thermos keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold, for many hours. It's 9 inches tall. The liquid is held in a pure stainless steel inner chamber that holds a generous 4 cups.

Click on each picture for a larger view. The handle pulls out for easy carry. Included is a carrying strap (not shown, and we don't use it on ours) that fits through a side slot. There is a white cup under the screw-on top. The top piece is also used as a drinking cup. There is a blue button on top. Push it to click, and allow liquid to pour through the drip-proof cap.

stainless mug with lid Stainless Steel Mug with Lid, Made in Thailand by Zebra

This design is so common in Thailand, found in households throughout the country. The large mug is made of a relatively thick, durable stainless steel. Try packing it with ice on a hot day with the lid on, then drink as the ice melts. You might keep this around your office full of drinking water, the lid keeps it clean and you won't use disposable cups.

You'll find plenty of uses in and out of the kitchen. Espresso brewers use a similar stainless cup to steam milk. Some of our customers have remarked that when visiting Thailand they notice this mug and wanted to buy one but didn't know where.

The mug has a large, strong handle for ease of grip. It's larger than a typical mug, and we now have two sizes. The lid has a high quallity bakelite knob with the distinctive Zebra Thailand logo.

Made in Thailand.

Large Three Chamber Pot / Zebra Head
We've received several requests for the three-chamber pot used by Thai street vendors such as this vendor on Songkran Day, or this noodle vendor, or this pok pok cart.

The pot is extremely well made by Zebra, with no expense spared to ensure it is built to last for years with constant daily use. Made of stainless steel. Each sealed chamber holds a separate liquid of your choice. The top lip states in Thai "lead free". Nice handles on the side, a domed lid that seats securely, and winged sides so the pot will fit into an opening and sit level, see this same pot on our street vendor cart. Inside each pot is a free street vendor apron.

The three chamber pot only comes in a large size, the total capacity of this pot is 9.6 gallons. It is huge, maybe too big for your home kitchen. This would be perfect for a commercial kitchen or if someone is going to use it for catering, street fairs, etc. Of course the price is high, given the size and everlasting quality of this pot, but it really will last for decades.

The pot is 16" wide and 14" tall. Total capacity 9.6 gallons. A useful tool to use with this pot is the long handle stainless basket.

Made in Thailand. See: more pictures and street vendor videos of the three chamber pot.

$285.00 Three Chamber Pot, Stainless 16"
NEW: Zebra Thailand Stainless "Loop Handle Pot"

Zebra Thailand designs cookware that is made to last for decades, using the very best materials. If you've never felt in your hand a cooking tool made by Zebra, you'll be very surprised. Quality unlike cooking tools made anywhere in the world

The loop handle pot is no exception to the quality standard of Zebra, and it's become very popular all around the world. Campers use it, calling it a Billy Pail, and there is a lot of discussion on the internet among people who absolutely love the quality, design, and workmanship. This is no surprise to us, because we've been selling Zebra since 1999, and their quality standard never changes.

The Loop Handle Pot is a great way to carry food for not just camping but picnics, potlucks, etc. You get a tough stainless steel bucket, and a smaller internal dish that fits into the top of the pot. Handle locks everything together. The super strong lid is flat on top, you turn it upside down and it becomes a separate dish. A notch in the handle makes it easy to hang over a fire.

14cm 6.5" tall (w/out handle), holds 8 cups. Internal dish holds 2.5 cups.

Made in Thailand.

$31.00 Loop Handle Pot, 14cm
stainless steel loop handle pot
loop handle pot
NEW: Zebra Thailand Stainless "Indian Pan"

Recently we started offering the Loop Handle Pot from Zebra, and now we are introducing this high quality "Indian Pan".

The Indian Pan is no exception to the high quality standard of Zebra. Used extensively in Thailand by street vendors, you can cook in the pan on your stove top, or also put already cooked food into the pan for keeping and serving.

The pan is pure stainless steel with a unique design. There is a nice wide rim around the pot for easy carrying, and the lid has a unique sophisticated appearance as shown.

We are a direct importer and able to offer for a price that is lower than you may expect for such high quality cookware.

16cm is 7.5" across the top, and 3.5" tall, holds 7.5 cups.

18cm is 8" across the top, and 4" tall, holds 10 cups. A great size.

Made in Thailand.

$26.00 Indian Pan, Stainless, 16 cm
$31.00 Indian Pan, Stainless, 18 cm
NEW: Stainless Bottle with Top Compartment. From Zebra Thailand. Trendy.
We noticed this "Trendy" at Zebra Thailand , it was their brand new product a few years ago, and they had advertisements in local magazines for this fashionable new water bottle.

It's a double-walled stainless steel water bottle that seals perfectly tight, with a separate little compartment in the lid for things like tea bags, or vitamins, nuts, or anything else. Hot drinks stay hot, cold stays cold, for 8+ hours. It's amazing. Really attractive colors, beautiful paint, great design, very solid feel.

We like the size, just 12 oz. So many people have mammoth water bottles these days, when a modest 12 oz is really the perfect size most of the time.

7" tall, 2.75" wide. 12 oz capacity. Made in Thailand.

$16.95 Stainless Trendy, Zebra, Blue
$16.95 Stainless Trendy, Zebra, Pink/Red
thai rice serving bowl, stainless
$28.50 Stainless Steel Rice Serving Bowl
Rice Serving Bowl, Stainless Steel
Our stainless steel rice serving bowl is made by Zebra-Head using the finest materials and craftsmanship. It has a nice heavy, solid feel. Superior quality overall, will last for many years. Pictures are hard to capture the high quality. The lid feels strong and the top knob has a beautiful "Zebra Thailand" stamp in both English and Thai, with the Zebra logo. The bowl has nice flared handles for ease of carry, and the wide, stable base has an attractive ridge pattern. You'd find this in the very best restaurants, and it will complement your kitchen well. It looks like it belongs next to the best All Clad or Viking cookware that costs over $100 per piece. 6.5" height (to the top of the lid), 8.5" width, 8 cup capacity. Product of Thailand.
thai rice ladle Stainless Steel Bakelite Handle Large Spoon

Similar to the highly-functional stainless spoon at the top of the page, this is an incredibly useful multi-purpose utensil for Thai food that belongs in every American kitchen. The finest quality stainless steel is thick and durable, it feels as much like a timeless automotive tool as a kitchen utensil. The modern bakelite handle is equally tough and perfect. Featured extensively in our Thai Street Vendor Video Series (notable videos: som tum, and larb).

We have the best size for you at 11" long, and the spoon is 3" wide. Technically called a rice ladle, this is what you find throughout Thai restaurants to serve jasmine rice from a large bowl to a smaller dish (picture at left shows prized, rare wild sinin rice that we brought back in our suitcase and unfortunately can not offer at this time). Used by chefs for everything, including scraping a mortar while pounding with pestle in the other hand. This large spoon will be one of the most commonly used things in your kitchen, and we are pleased to offer it for a great price.

wok turner Original Stainless Steel Wok Turner, 16" Long, Best Quality
We ran out of this wok turner last year and we could not find a decent substitute to offer--once you've used this ultimate wok turner nothing else will do. Now our original long-handle wok turner is back in stock. Many have noticed that the real Thai chef such as shown in our street vendor videos, constantly uses a nice long wok turner with a shovel that comes out at a nice 45 degree angle (rather than the typical wok turner below which has amost no angle). Notable video: Seafood Vegetable Stiry Fry.

This indispensible tool is used for measuring, scooping, scraping, turning, serving and more. We've recently found "the best" wok turner--the Rolls Royce of wok turners. Made by Zebra of high-quality thick pure stainless steel, this really feels solid in your hand. It's such a high quality that you'll have it for generations. The entire length is 16", so your hand stays a safe distance from the wok. The bakelite handle is 5.5", the shovel is 4" wide and has a 3 tablespoon capacity. Instead of a simple spot-weld, the shovel is solidly welded onto the handle guaranteeing that it will never fall apart of feel flimsy. It may seem a bit expensive for a kitchen tool, but given the workmanship and materials we are sure you will not be disappointed. Product of Thailand.

soup ladle Stainless Steel Bakelite Handle Soup Ladle
A convenient soup ladle with nice long 12" handle, and great big capacity, perfect for ladling your favorite Thai soups such as tom yum or tom kha. Works great serving lemonade also. Used constantly by the Thai street vendors. Finest quality stainless steel combined with modern bakelite handle. The round ladle is 4" wide and holds about 3/8 cup. We are pleased to offer it for a great price. Product of Thailand.

Stainless Steel Skimmer, Large, Unique Design
Our stainless steel, bakelite handle skimmer is a modern design based on the popular Chinese wire skimmer. It also functions well as a slotted spoon, for western-style cooking. We've never seen anything like it in America, yet it's sure to be one of your most popular utensils. Use for lifting large quantities of vegetables out of a pot of simmering liquid or removing pasta from boiling water, among other uses. We used it when making Bua Loi dessert. Made by Zebra of high-quality thick pure stainless steel, the same quality as our wok turner described above. The handle total length is 12", which keeps your hands away from the heat. The bakelite handle section is 5.5". The round skimmer is bowl-shaped, a nice wide 4.5" (larger than it looks in the photos). It may seem a bit expensive for a kitchen tool, but given the workmanship and materials we are sure you will not be disappointed. Product of Thailand.
$10.85 Stainless Steel Skimmer, Large (12")

Stainless Steel Skimmer, Small, Zebra

A smaller size than offered above. It was conveniently used in our recipe for Fried Sticky Rice.

We've never seen anything like it in America, yet it's sure to be one of your most popular utensils.

Made by Zebra of high-quality stainless steel. Keep in mind that this is smaller than you might expect, the round skimmer is bowl-shaped, 2.5" diameter. The handle is 8" long.

Product of Thailand. We have never offered this before, and this is a promotion price for our newsletter readers.

You might also like our Zebra Wok Turner.

Stainless Skimmer, Zebra, 8"
Thai spoons Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Thai Soup Spoon
The most versative spoon ever invented, inexpensive, made of high quality stainless steel, and found everywhere in Thailand. See links below to our Thai street vendor videos where ysou can see this spoon used in a very wide variety of ways. The spoon has sharp edges so it's a wonderful scraper, whether you're scraping the sides of a mortar & pestle, a wok, or a bowl. The spoon has a fluted handle perfect for removing seeds of a cucumber as well. The wide flat base allows for about 1.5 tablespoon capacity, is perfect for measuring. Spoons are 5.5" long. Product of Thailand.

See this spoon in action:
Video - Seafood and Vegetables Stir-Fry
Video - Khanom Krok
Video - Making Thai Curry Paste

$5.69 for a set of 4 spoons

Large Stainless Steel Stacked Steamer

Much stronger and larger compared to the typical aluminum stacked steamer. Made by Zebra in Thailand of heavy duty stainless steel. This is a restaurant size, or for someone who likes to steam large quantities. The dimensions are 22" height, 13" width (18" with the handles). The top has a high dome for optimal steaming (prevents water from dropping on the food). The bottom layer is 6.5" deep and holds over 1 gallon of water. The middle two layers are 4" deep. The top knob, and the side handles, are highest quality bakelite.

A longterm investment, the price is quite high, but worth it if you are looking for a very high quality stainless steel stacked steamer.

Stainless Steel Stacked Steamer, 32 cm
Thai-style Stainless Steel Lunchbox with Inner Box
This is a nifty Thai-style lunchbox made of solid stainless steel, a modern version of the old Tiffin food carrier above. A sandwich fits perfectly inside. Well-engineered by Zebra. The stainless steel is a relatively thick guage, so it will not dent easily, and it feels great to hold. The lid fits snug and is held down by a latch on each side. Included is a stainless cup for sauces. The cup has a thick plastic lid that forms a water-tight seal. The lunchbox has a 3.5 cup capacity and the separate container has a 1 cup capacity. For a unique, different and useful lunchbox, try it. Stainless is an expensive raw material and no corners were cut making this. It may seem like a bit of a high price for a lunchbox but it's well worth it.

Stainless Steel Water Bowls

Keeping a bowl of fresh water in the refrigerator (or freezer) is common in Thailand. When guests arrive, cold water or ice is always available for them. 12 years ago when Jerry and Yaowalak got married, a relative gave us stainless steel water bowls exactly like this. We've used them almost daily, for everything. They're lightweight, durable, and convenient. Our kids have used them for watercolor painting, we use them as cereal bowls, ice cream bowls, anything around the house, on camping trips, digging on a sandy beach, and more. They look the same today as they did 12 years ago.

This bowl also offers a simple alternative to the electric rice cooker, as we found that it produces perfect steamed rice just like it was made in old times (see pictures and our street vendor video below).

The bowls are made of pure stainless steel by Zebra-Head. Each bowl is 5 3/4" across, 2" tall, with 3 cup capacity. Product of Thailand.

$12.95 Set of Two.
Using the stainless steel water bowl to prepare perfect steamed rice. The old-fashioned method.
Just put 1/2 cup of dry, unrinsed jasmine rice into the bowl, top with 1 cup water, and place inside your stacked steamer. The stacked steamer has two levels and you can put one bowl on each level if you prefer.

With the base level at least half-full of water, bring it to a rolling boil and let it boil for 20 minutes. Remove from steamer and enjoy the perfectly steamed rice. There is an "artisan" feel to making rice this way. To give the rice a lovely flavor and aroma, we love putting about 1/2 teaspoon pandan paste into the water in the base level of the stacked steamer.

Zebra Stainless Bowl with Lid

Another premium quality product from Zebra that will last a lifetime of constant use.

The bowl is 6" wide, and has a 2.5 cup capacity. There are handles on the side of the bowl, and a nice lid on top. 100% stainless steel, relatively thick, made of uncompromising quality. It's worth every penny.

This is for general use around the house, in a restaurant, or whatever you may need it for. We took one camping and it worked great on the camp stove. The size is just right for a modest Thai meal such as a pouch of tom kha poured over 1.5 cups of steamed jasmine rice.

Made in Thailand.

$14.95 Zebra Stainless Bowl w/ Lid, 6"
teapot, stainless, thailand
Stainless Steel Teapot Made in Thailand

Made with 18/8 stainless steel, the teapot construction spares no expense to make this the best stainless steel teapot you'll find.

Strong handle permanently welded to the teapot. Beautiful lid is "upward stable" so it stays open while filling. Inside the teapot is a stainless tea basket (shown) that holds the tea in place while steeping. At the start of the spout is a flow control plate (see picture below). Spout is shaped for perfect no-spill pouring.

Generous capacity of 1.5 liters (50 oz). Attractive shape, about 7 inches tall. Product of Thailand.

thai teapot
zebra thailand teapot
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