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Yakiniku No Tara Amakara, 8.4 oz

Yakiniku No Tara Amakara, 8.4 oz
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We offered this as a small batch with just a few cases, and sold out quick --- customer feedback was very good. 

This sauce is made by "Jojoen" a well-known restaurant in Japan that specializes in Yakiniku barbeque. At first we thought it might be a mistake, when we heard the price, but no it's a genuine price. And the product is in limited supply according to our Japanese wholesaler, it's made in small batches.

Original is called Yakiniku No Tare Amakara. Deluxe is called Yakiniku No Tare Tokusei. Use this to marinade meat of your choice (we tried it with chicken first, then halibut). After marinating in a small amount of the sauce for 2 hours, we grilled the chicken breast on medium heat, as shown below. Then the sauce is served in a side dish for dipping.

The flavor is a real treat. Original flavor has a hint of chile spice, with sesame, salty soy sauce, and an elegant fragrance. Deluxe flavor has all the great flavor without the chile spice.

It's worth the high price just to try it once. We know you'll like it. Packed in a nice glass bottle with a clever plastic lid that also serves as a pouring spout.

Ingredients (original flavor): soy sauce (skimmed soybean, soybean, wheat, salt), sugar, water, soybean paste (soybean, rice, salt), invert sugar, dextrin, red pepper, sesame seed oil, fermented seasoning (alcohol, salt, rice), garlic, cooking wine (glutinous rice, malted rice, alcohol, sugar), sesame seed, black pepper, msg. Product of Japan.

Ingredients (deluxe flavor): soy sauce (skimmed soybean, soybean, wheat salt), sugar, cooking wine (glutinous rice, malt rice, alcohol, sugar cane, sorghum), sugar group (corn, tapioca, potato, sugar cane), sesame seed oil, garlic, msg, water, sesame seed, black pepper. Product of Japan.

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