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Thai Cutlery Set

Thai Cutlery Set

We have a large supply of Kiwi knives on hand right now. We import them directly from Kiwi, and there are tens of dozens of knives in every case. We can offer these excellent knives at a good price. Here is a nice assortment for a deep discount.

More details of these knves found at this link.

1 Thai Cleaver, 6" blade
1 Thai Cleaver, 3" blade
1 Carving knife, yellow handle"
1 Carving knife, red handle
1 Java knife
1 12" chef's knife, wood handle
1 Wood Handle Pointed Knife, 11"
1 Tamarind cutting board


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Thai Cutlery Set w/out Tamarind Board $26.95

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with Tamarind Cutting Board $60.95


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