Thai Crab Fried RiceFeatured

It's very simple to make this quickly.  Use high quality crab paste in bean oil, and the rice should be day old (steamed the day before). Topped with a bit of fresh spring onion, the perfect crab fried rice.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Thai Crab Fried Rice

If possible, cook your jasmine rice the day before. Day-old steamed rice is ideal when making fried rice.

Over medium heat in a pan (as we used) or a wok, fry the garlic in a bit of oil then crack an egg and spread it out a bit.  Throw in the rice, spread it out a little then put the crab paste on top.

Gently push the rice down and mix together over medium heat.  After about two minutes it's almost ready.  Sprinkle Maggi Seasoning liberally over the rice.  Top with sliced spring onion.  Mix together a bit more and serve.  Enjoy!