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Thai spoons Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Thai Soup Spoon

The most versative spoon ever invented, extremely inexpensive, made of high quality stainless steel, and found everywhere in Thailand. See links below to our Thai street vendor videos where ysou can see this spoon used in a very wide variety of ways. The spoon has sharp edges so it's a wonderful scraper, whether you're scraping the sides of a mortar & pestle, a wok, or a bowl. The spoon has a fluted handle perfect for removing seeds of a cucumber as well. The wide flat base allows for about 1.5 tablespoon capacity, is perfect for measuring. Spoons are 5.5" long. Product of Thailand. See our collection of Zebra Thai stainless cookware.

See this spoon in action:
Video - Seafood and Vegetables Stir-Fry
Video - Khanom Krok
Video - Southern Thai Steamed Egg
Video - Making Thai Curry Paste

$5.69 for a set of 4 spoons

Thai spoon and fork
New / Thai Street Vendor Spoon & Fork

These are very basic utensils used by street vendors, inexpensive and lightweight. Each is stamped with an attractive design. 7" long.

We do like these a lot and think you will too, but keep in mind they are lightweight and designed for street vendors who don't want to provide expensive tableware for their on-the-go enterprise.

Made in Thailand.

$2.95, 1 set (1 spoon, one fork)
Thai spoon and fork
soup ladle Stainless Steel Bakelite Handle Soup Ladle

A convenient soup ladle with nice long 12" handle, and great big capacity, perfect for ladling your favorite Thai soups such as tom yum or tom kha. Works great serving lemonade also. Used constantly by the Thai street vendors. Finest quality stainless steel combined with modern bakelite handle. The round ladle is 4" wide and holds about 3/8 cup. We are pleased to offer it for a great price. Product of Thailand. See our collection of Zebra Thai stainless cookware.


thai rice ladle Stainless Steel Bakelite Handle Large Spoon

Similar to the highly-functional stainless spoon at the top of the page, this is an incredibly useful multi-purpose utensil for Thai food that belongs in every American kitchen. The finest quality stainless steel is thick and durable, it feels as much like a timeless automotive tool as a kitchen utensil. The modern bakelite handle is equally tough and perfect. Featured extensively in our Thai Street Vendor Video Series (notable videos: som tum, and larb).

We have the best size for you at 11" long, and the spoon is 3" wide. Technically called a rice ladle, this is what you find throughout Thai restaurants to serve jasmine rice from a large bowl to a smaller dish (picture at left shows prized, rare wild sinin rice that we brought back in our suitcase and unfortunately can not offer at this time). Used by chefs for everything, including scraping a mortar while pounding with pestle in the other hand. This large spoon will be one of the most commonly used things in your kitchen, and we are pleased to offer it for a great price. See our collection of Zebra Thai stainless cookware.

wok turner Original Stainless Steel Wok Turner, 16" Long, Best Quality

We ran out of this wok turner last year and had been selling the shorter 14" version (below) in the meantime. Now our original long-handle wok turner is back in stock. Many have noticed that the real Thai chef such as shown in our street vendor videos, constantly uses a nice long wok turner with a shovel that comes out at a nice 45 degree angle (rather than the typical wok turner below which has amost no angle). Notable video: Seafood Vegetable Stiry Fry.

This indispensible tool is used for measuring, scooping, scraping, turning, serving and more. We've recently found "the best" wok turner--the Rolls Royce of wok turners. Made by Zebra of high-quality thick pure stainless steel, this really feels solid in your hand. It's such a high quality that you'll have it for generations. The entire length is 16", so your hand stays a safe distance from the wok. The bakelite handle is 5.5", the shovel is 4" wide and has a 3 tablespoon capacity. Instead of a simple spot-weld, the shovel is solidly welded onto the handle guaranteeing that it will never fall apart of feel flimsy. It may seem a bit expensive for a kitchen tool, but given the workmanship and materials we are sure you will not be disappointed. Product of Thailand. See our collection of Zebra Thai stainless cookware.

Stainless Steel Skimmer, Large, Unique Design

Our stainless steel, bakelite handle skimmer is a modern design based on the popular Chinese wire skimmer. It also functions well as a slotted spoon, for western-style cooking. We've never seen anything like it in America, yet it's sure to be one of your most popular utensils. Use for lifting large quantities of vegetables out of a pot of simmering liquid or removing pasta from boiling water, among other uses. We used it when making Bua Loi dessert. Made by Zebra of high-quality thick pure stainless steel, the same quality as our wok turner described above. The handle total length is 12", which keeps your hands away from the heat. The bakelite handle section is 5.5". The round skimmer is bowl-shaped, a nice wide 4.5" (larger than it looks in the photos). It may seem a bit expensive for a kitchen tool, but given the workmanship and materials we are sure you will not be disappointed. Product of Thailand. See our collection of Zebra Thai stainless cookware.

$13.85 Stainless Steel Skimmer, Large (12")

Stainless Steel Skimmer, Small, Zebra

A smaller version of above design. It was conveniently used in our recipe for Fried Sticky Rice.

We've never seen anything like it in America, yet it's sure to be one of your most popular utensils.

Made by Zebra of high-quality stainless steel. Keep in mind that this is smaller than you might expect, the round skimmer is bowl-shaped, 2.5" diameter. The handle is 8" long.

Product of Thailand. We have never offered this before, and this is a promotion price for our newsletter readers.

You might also like our Zebra Wok Turner.

See our collection of Zebra stainless steel cookware.

Stainless Skimmer, Zebra, 8"
long handle thai strainer
New / Long Handle Large Strainer

Made by hand, this stainless steel long handle strainer is a useful tool for lifting things out of the wok, especially fried fish.

You can see this tool in action in our Street Vendor Video: Pla Duk Foo.

The handle is 11.5" long, and the round strainer has an 8" diameter.

Made in Thailand

$22.50 Long Handle Large Strainer

NEW: Stainless Thai Street Vendor Scissor Tongs

These long scissor tongs have a wide range of uses, mostly to move around charcoal for street vendors cooking on a satay grill or tao burner.

Street Vendor Pork Satay Video - Scissor Tongs in Action

They can also be used to reach down into the deep three chamber pots, to get things out of the bottom.

Length is 16". Made in Thailand.

$11.95 Thai Street Vendor Scissor Tongs

NEW: Stainless Thai Street Vendor Fork Tongs

We discovered these recently in Thailand, and noticed that most Thai street vendors use them on anything being barbecued.

Made of a nice strong hefty stainless by Twin Ray, a brand known for fine materials and workmanship.

At one end is a sharp three-pronged fork, good for jabbing and grabbing meats and the barbecue. The other end has a spoon-like shovel. The pieces are firmly connected together, and this is made to last for years.

Length is 12". Made in Thailand.

$12.95 Stainless Thai Street Vendor Tongs
tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold Thai Fried Peanut Cookie Tool

This is a very simple tool. The flat cup and handle are shaped by hand. It's used exclusively to make "Tua Tod" Fried Peanut Cookies. Fine quality overall and very unique.

Recipe: "Tua Tod" Fried Peanut Cookies
Video: Tua Tod Thai Street Vendor

Product of Thailand.

$8.65 Temporarily Out of Stock
tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold tua tod, thai crispy cookie mold

kanom dok jok mold, brass

Kanom Dok Jok Mold, Solid Brass

This special solid brass mold is used to create Thai cookies that are lovely in appearance and fun to eat. The cookies have a relatively plain flavor, accented by sesame, a touch of sugar sweetness, and mysterious crispiness derived from the slaked lime water.

See: Kanom Dok Jok (Flower Cookie) Recipe

The mold is handmade of solid brass, so it's heavier than it looks. The solid brass mold is first placed in hot oil, then dipped inot batter that sticks to it. The cooking process is simple, and the result is an elegant crispy flower cookie.

The handle is 10" tall. The brass mold is 3/4" tall and 3" wide.

See: more pictures of the kanom dok jok mold.

Made in Thailand.

We also offer a solid brass handmade wok. and a brass kratong tong mold.

Kanom Dok Jok Mold, Brass $25.50
Thai Scraper
This steel scraper with a wood handle is featured in three Thai recipe videos at ImportFood. See it in action here:

Hoi Tod (mussel pancake)
Pad Thai
Khanom Buang

It's a rigid metal but slightly flexible. Perfect for scraping your skillet, whether you're cooking Thai food or not. The handle is all wood. It's well-made and simple, and similar to Thai knives, offered at a reasonable price. 8.5" long, the scraper width is 3.5". Product of Thailand.

kra ja, khanom buang tool

Kra Ja, for making Khanom Buang

See our recipe for Khanom Buang to learn how this tool is used.

The Thai name is "Kra Ja" (rhymes with drama). Our tool is true to the traditional, with a wood handle and a disc at the end is handmade from a coconut shell.

It's recommended that you have two of these when making Khanom Buang. One for the batter and one for the cream.

Kra Ja (Khanom Buang tool) $5.50
Buy 2 (recommended) $8.00
kra ja, khanom buang tool coconut shell
krong kraeng pressure mold
Krong Kraeng Pressure Mold

A unique tool used to make Krong Kraeng Krop (crispy clam shell snack). Small pieces of dough are flattened out over the ridges of this tool, then rolled up gently and fried.

See our Krong Kraeng Video and Recipe

This tool is made of a strong, thick plastic. High quality, will last forever.

7" total length, the mold section is 4" x 1.5".

Krong Kraeng Pressure Mold, $7.95
thai stainless steel cooking basket
The Thai Stainless Steel Cooking Basket
Extremely well-made using the highest quality materials & craftsmanship, a stainless steel basket that you'll use for every type of cooking.

Whether you want to blanch vegetables, cook meat separately, or use it to fry foods, this design from Thailand may become one of your favorite cooking tools. We reach for it all the time, since purchasing one in a Thai supermarket last year. Now we've imported a few dozen so you can have one in your kitchen.

You can set the basket on your pot and walk away if you wish, as there is a simple clip under the handle that keeps the basket steady (as shown).

The hardwood handle is 8" long, the basket is a generous 4.5" wide, and 4" deep. This is a more modern version of the long handle takraw commonly used by street vendors in Thailand.

Made in Thailand. Click for more pictures.

$28.95 Stainless Steel Cooking Basket
Kratong Tong Mold, Brass.
One of our favorite Thai appetizers is Kratong Tong, and if you haven't heard about it that's probably because Thai restaurants rarely offer it. Kratong Tong is time-consuming to prepare but at the same time simple, fun, and extremely tasty.

This handmade brass mold is designed to make Kratong Tong, see more pictures in our detailed Kratong Tong Recipe for a step-by-step guide on how to use it. Total height is 10 inches. The top part of the handle is wood. The rest of the mold is brass. THERE IS ONE CUP ON EACH MOLD, and the cups are shaped by hand in a similar but unique pattern. Each cup is about 2 inches across.
kratong tong mold, brass kratong tong
lod chong press

Lod Chong Press, Stainless

Lod Chong is a popular sweet dessert in Thailand, and it's made using a special press which forces a green dough mixture through small holes.

See video: How to Make Lod Chong

Our stainless steel lod chong press is mostly shaped and made by hand. There are two parts. The cup has traditional circular handles so that you can run a round piece of wood through for support. There are small circular holes at the bottom. The plunger is weighted (not hollow) to aid in pressing.

The cup is 5.5" high and 5" wide. There are 71 holes at the bottom of the cup (3/16" wide holes). The plunger is 8.5" tall.

Made in Thailand.

Lod Chong Press, Stainless, $25.95
Temporarily Out of Stock
Thai Sticky Rice Wood Paddle
When we made our Thai sticky rice street vendor video, some customers commented on the useful wooden paddle used by the chef to separate and knead the rice. We've imported some of these from Thailand, and we're pleasantly surprised at the nice size and overall quality of it.

The paddle can be used for all sorts of mixing of ingredients, and for those who just like to have a wood paddle around.

See: Thai Sticky Rice

It's 16" long, handle has 7/8" diameter, and the paddle is 2.5" wide.

Product of Thailand.

$5.89 Temporarily Out of Stock
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