Home Made Sriracha Sauce

Make your own all natural hot sauce that's free of preservatives using the best fresh ingredients!

On a seasonal basis, usually May - September, we have beautiful fresh red chile peppers that are loaded with a mature, strong heat but also some notes of fruity sweetness. These are perfect for making your ownsriracha sauce.

This is a lot of fun to make, because you can adjust the flavors at the end to suit your preference. The hot sauce starts out very, very hot, so be careful. If you prefer a milder sauce, use 50% red bell peppers, jalapeno, or a more mild fresh pepper.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Home Made Sriracha Sauce

Rinse your chiles then remove stems. It's a good idea to wear rubber gloves, and don't touch your face after starting to work with the chiles.

With stems removed, we placed our fresh red chiles on on a cutting board and put them under the sun to dry and warm up for about half an hour.

Put the chiles into a mortar and pestle and start mashing. Be patient and continue to smash until all of the chiles are bruised and starting to look pulverized, then add the garlic and continue to work everything together. Transfer to a blender, and at relatively low speed blend for about 2 minutes. During this process, add the vinegar and about half of the water.

Transfer to sauce pot and slowly bring to a boil, add sugar, mix, and reduce heat to simmer. Start tasting the hot sauce and decide how you want it to taste. Add sugar to make it sweet, vinegar to make it sour, and water to bring the heat down. Continue to simmer for about half an hour. Skim the foam from the top of the sauce.

Let it cool, put in a jar, and keep in the fridge. The flavor improves with age. Enjoy!

After you make this hot sauce, please take a moment to share your experience and any tips using the comment form below. We'd also love it if you'd share your photos!