Tamarind Soup with Seafood

We prepared this delicious Thai hot and sour soup at a campground using a simple pan and just a few ingredients.  It's so simple to make yet full of rich flavor you'd think it could only come from a large sophisticated restaurant.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Tamarind Soup with Seafood

In a two quart stock pot (we used our Zebra Indian Pan) add the seafood, sliced green onion, sliced yellow onion, black pepper, Thai chilli pepper, and about 6 cups of water.  Heat over medium high heat, adding fish sauce to taste, and tamarind.  You can drop in the tamarind whole then clean out the seed husk later (as we did, there's not much) or remove the bits of seed husk before putting it into the soup.

Cook this for about 10 minutes.  At the end, add a handful of mixed green vegetables.  We used green onion and pea vine but cilantro or whatever you may have works great.  Enjoy! Serve with freshly steamed jasmine rice.