Today Chaokoh is back in stock, Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour is back in stock, our Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice is still on sale with a great discount, and checkout our new authentic delicious recipe for Thai Yellow Sour. Aroy-D sweet rice fresh arrival too.  Thanks for visiting!

Back in Stock: Chaokoh Coconut Milk

High quality coconut milk, Chaokoh brand, imported from Thailand, is what we've offered for 20 years. 

Here is the popular 13.5 oz size. 

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Back in Stock: Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour

This is "Tom Yum Sour Soup" flavor. Popular with people who like this unique taste, it's unlike any other instant noodle. Nice and sour and pleasant mild spice heat (not very spicy).

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Feature: Maesri Yellow Sour

Made from cobia fish caught in the Gulf of Thailand, and this is in our opinion the most delicious curry from Maesri.

Slightly spicy, and loaded with rich flavor, the consistency is also smooth.

We served it with a can of sliced bamboo as shown in our step-by-step photos.

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On Sale: Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice New Crop

This is the best Thai jasmine rice and we can offer it at a great price discount while supplies last.

2022 New Crop Rice is the freshest crop, having a unique newly-harvested fragrance.

Royal Umbrella brand is what we consider the 'best of the best', appreciated by connoiseurs for it's deep fragrance and nice texture.

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Back In Stock: Aroy-D Thai Sweet Rice

We just got a brand new shipment of Aroy-D brand sticky rice, which had been out of stock and we were shipping a different brand for months.

Aroy-D is sought-after and limited in production. It is the highest export-grade from Thailand. Packed in a strong, clear bag. All natural, 100% rice.

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