Southern Thai Wok Chicken, 'Gai Koor Kling'Featured

A dish that's a native of southern Thailand, made with fresh turmeric which gives it a distinctive taste. Not overly spicy, we really love the flavor. Gai means chicken, Koor means 'stirred back and forth', Kling means 'roll it over'. You can use any kind of meat (chicken, pork, beef). Here we used chicken.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Southern Thai Wok Chicken, 'Gai Koor Kling'

You can use ground chicken or, as we did, use a knife to finely chop your chicken breast. In a mortar & pestle, add chopped fresh red chile, pound together with lemongrass, shallot, turmeric, galangal, and kaffir lime. Pound to a fine paste, then add peppercorn, salt, and shrimp paste. Pound until fine.

In a wok, over medium/hight, heat vegetable oil then add the chile paste mixture. Fry until fragrant, then add the ground chicken breast. Continue to stir and roll the mixture. As it cooks, season with sugar. Stir until it's fully cooked and liquid comes out from the chicken and evaporates. Continue to stir until it looks dry, with no juice (it takes about 8 minutes). At the end, add about 1.5 fresh kaffir lime leaves, ripped. Transfer to a dish, top with thiny-sliced kaffir lime leaves and thinly sliced red chile peppers. Serve with jasmine rice. Enjoy!