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Fresh Kaffir Limes

Fresh Kaffir Limes
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Thinly-sliced, these are an excellent substitute for the kaffir lime leaves. Kaffir lime peel is also indispensable when making your own Thai curry paste.

You get 10 fresh limes and we upgrade shipping of all orders to Express 2 Day.

See: Kaffir Lime in our recipe for Gaeng Tay Poe

See: Kaffir Lime in our recipe for Gaeng Tai Pla

Kaffir lime peel is loaded with a fragrant citrus oil, and the flavor of the fruit is overwhelming if eaten fresh. The kaffir lime tree is grown and harvested mainly for the leaves which are a staple in Thai cooking, but the tree doesn't produce many of these limes. As kaffir limes aren't eaten fresh, and there's limited use for them, our grower typically strips the trees of all fruit each year to promote growth of the leaves. This year however we kept fruit on a few trees and now it's been harvested. The fruit not only looks excellent but the culinary appeal is perfect: fragrant, strong citrus flavor. Put a slice of the bitter peel in your mouth and your lips get a tingling sensation of citrus unlike anything you've tasted.

Kaffir lime peel is used to make Thai curry paste, by pounding it together with other ingredients in a mortar and pestle. Notice from the pictures the nice thick, white fleshy peel. This is loaded with citrus flavor and aroma. A classic Thai dish that uses kaffir limes, whole, in soup is Khanom Jin. It's also used to make candy.

Kaffir limes are used extensively in aromatherapy. Some massage oils, natural shampoos, and various herbal products call for kaffir limes but the scarcity of this fruit makes it difficult to prepare authentic versions.

Thinly-sliced, these are an excellent substitute for the kaffir lime leaves.

Grown in USA.

Saveur Magazine recommends our kaffir Limes in the October 2013 issue



Halved Kaffir Limes

Halved Kaffir Limes

Sliced Kaffir Limes

Sliced Kaffir Limes

How to Make Curry Paste

How to Make Curry Paste


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Green Curry with Fresh Chile, Chicken, Eggplant & Kaffir Lime, 'Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai'

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