Stuffed Chicken Wings, 'Peek Gai Yat Sai Goong'

Can be eaten as a starter or as a snack on their own. They are also served as a side dish with a larger Thai dinner.


For 4 Person(s)

Ingredients For Marinade

Ingredients For Stuffing

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Method for Stuffed Chicken Wings, 'Peek Gai Yat Sai Goong'

Chop the chicken wings in half.

Combine the marinade ingredients and marinade the wings overnight.

Now you must seperate the meat from the bones by gripping one end of each piece and jerking the meat and skin from the other end back to your hold (alternatively you can insert the stuffing using a cake icing bag).

Drain about one tablespoon of the ginger from a bottle of pickled ginger. Similarly drain a tablespoon of the chili/garlic mixture for a bottle of sweet chili sauce.

Combine all the ingredients of the stuffing to form a fine paste, making sure that the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated to avoid "hot spots" in the mixture. and then stuff the wing portions with it.

The mini drumsticks can now be barbequed or deep fried until golden brown.

Serve with picked ginger and sweet chili sauce.

Footnote: if you choose to make some wings hotter than others, then you can dip the hot ones in a little red food coloring diluted in water to turn them red... as a warning to the unwary!