How to Peel and Slice Fresh Mango

Here we offer a feature on how you can peel and slice a mango in the typical Thai way.

This isn't the only way to prepare a mango, you can often see street vendors in Thailand whacking a peeled mango with a cleaver while slowly spinning it.

These are the hard, unripened sour mangoes, such as mamuang radt ("rhinocerous mango"). See our Thai Street Vendor Video: How To Shred Sour Mango for Som Tum.


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Method for How to Peel and Slice Fresh Mango

Thailand is home to numerous varieties of mango. Called mamuang in Thai, the varieties include Oak Rong ("chest crack"), Nam Dokmai ("flower water"), Fah-Lahn ("thunder mango" which makes a loud crack when you first peel the skin), Keo Sawoy ("green delicious"), and many others. 

In Thailand you'll always find plenty of street vendors selling mangoes such as this hawker who converted a bicycle into a fresh fruit showcase. One of our favorite shops in Thailand is Kor Panich offering sticky with with mango

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Use the pictures below as a guide and follow carefully. There is a large seed in the center. When you slice the mango try to get just to the side of the seed. after the seed is separated from the two larger pieces, you can also get a small slice from the front and rear of the seed. Enjoy!

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