Massaman Hashbrown Potatoes

Typically massaman curry is prepared with potatoes, a bit unusual because potatoes aren't very common in Thai curry dishes. In an effort to expand our Thai-American fusion recipe section, we decided to prepare a massaman sauce for hashbrown potatoes, with good results. Here is a basic version, but you can dress up your hashbrowns with onions, bell peppers, etc, for an even tastier experience.


For 4 Person(s)

Ingredients for Massaman Sauce

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Method for Massaman Hashbrown Potatoes

Bring the coconut milk to a high simmer then increase heat a bit and add the massaman curry paste, fish sauce and palm sugar. Stir constantly until the curry paste dissolves well with the coconut milk.

For the hashbrowns, grate a large white potato (or two) and place on a hot grddle with a bit of oil or butter. Cook over med/high heat until brown on both sides.

Set pour a desired amount of massaman sauce on a plate, and set your hashbrowns on top of that. Serve and enjoy!