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Fried rice that everyone loves and curiously few know how to make.  Here we break it down into just a few basic steps.  With a bit of practice this is easily mastered.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Back to Basics Fried Rice

For the sliced vegetables, we always use a package of frozen mixed carrots, corn and peas as shown here. Very simple. Just set them aside to defrost at room temperature as you get started.

In a wok or frying pan, fry a bit of shallot as shown in picture below. We added a touch of fresh ginger as well but that's optional.

After the shallot becomes fragrant, add chicken and cook until done.  Next, add one egg and let it sit in the pan as shown. 

Add sliced vegetables and mix this with the chicken but don't touch your egg yet.

Add a generous amount of cooked jasmine rice then add quite a few drops of Maggi Seasonining to the rice (as you prefer, but it should be at least 1 Teaspoon).  

Next, take your time and get everyone thoroughly mixed.  The more you cook this over low heat, gently mixing everyting together, the better it turns out.

Serve with freshly ground black pepper and fresh lime.