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Tamarind Concentrate, 16 oz jar

Tamarind sauce is a critical ingredient in many Thai foods, including the famous Pad Thai. Tamarind sauce is commonly used in various northern Thai dishes as a souring agent. Tamarind is also used in the manufacturing of ketchups, sauces--Chinese, Worcestershire, Barbecue, etc. Tamarind is effective as a natural preservative and marinade.

Usually tamarind paste is mixed with water and strained, the resulting tamarind juice being what's used in Thai recipes.

Our tamarind conentrate is a concentrated form of tamarind juice (and very convenient to use because it removes the need for mixing & straining). With tamarind concentrate you can prepare most recipe that calls for tamarind, but there are some recipes that call for pure tamarind paste.

See a selection of recipes below that require tamarind, and detailed photographs of natural tamarind fruit and trees. Thailand grows a rich, full tasting fresh tamarind that is regarded around the world as the finest quality available.

Ingredients: Tamarind, water, sodium benzoate.

Product of Thailand.

Also see our Tamarind Cutting Board.

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