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golden mountain sauce

Golden Mountain Sauce

This delicious seasoning sauce has been enjoyed in Thailand for over 50 years. Enjoy it to improve the flavor of not only Thai-Chinese dishes but also American food too. Add a few drops to rice, soups, eggs, fish, whatever you desire we know you'll like it.

Similar to Maggi Seasoning but less expensive and more authentic to the Thai taste. It's great with our Thai stir-fried pumpkin recipe.

New: watch our Bangkok street vendor videos featuring Golden Mountain Sauce. For example see a street vendor prepare Basil Pork with Fried Egg using Golden Mountain Sauce.

Packed in a glass bottle. Two sizes available. Ingredients: Soya bean sauce, water, sugar, salt, food enhancer 0.02%. No preservatives. Product of Thailand.

6.7 oz glass bottle, $3.69
20 oz glass bottle, $5.99
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Golden Mountain Sauce on Video: Bangkok Sidewalk Chef
New Recipe:
Thai Fried Pork Strips, 'Moo Kratiem Chup Paeng Tod'

This is a marvelous Thai fried pork with Golden Mountain Sauce as a key ingredient.

The pork is perfect paired with Thai pineapple chilli sauce.

You might be also interested in our recipe for Thai-Style Fried Chicken.

Moo = Pork. Kratiem = Garlic. Chup = Dip. Paeng = Flour. Tod = Fried. So this is Garlic Pork Flour-Dipped and Fried.

Our Thai batter mix perfectly coats your pork. Our recipe is easy to follow and doesn't take long to make.

See our New Recipe: Thai Fried Pork Strips

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