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thin soy sauce healthy boy brand
Light Soy Sauce (thin soy sauce), 10 oz bottle

The most famous brand and widely used soy sauce in Thailand. Superior quality from Healthy Boy, since 1947. Our Thai customers living in United States are very glad that their favorite soy sauce is now just a few mouse clicks away.

Sprinkle a few drops over all Thai dishes for great flavor, and rest assured this is a premium product made using the natural fermentation method in a modern facility with ISO9002 certificate. Please see our feature story on how soy sauce is made.

Saveur Magazine recommends ImportFood.com for Healthy Boy soy sauce.

Ingredients: soy bean, wheat flour, salt water, sugar, preservatives 0.1%. Product of Thailand.

$5.29, one 10 oz bottle thin soy sauce
$9.29, two 10 oz bottles thin soy sauce
Special Offer: 4 Pack. You get 1 bottle each: thin soy, sweet soy, dark thick, and yellow bean sauce.
$19.65, 4 Pack Assorted Soy Sauces
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Use Thin Soy Sauce to Make Great Thai Marinades:
Thin Soy Sauce: Steamed Buns, Salapao.

Here we demonstrate how simple it is to make those delicious, meat-filled steamed buns that you may have never imagined yourself creating. Follow the steps and checkout our video filmed in Thailand, add some of your own ideas to make a unique filling, and perhaps you can start a new career in the field of steamed buns and dumplings:

Recipe: Steamed Buns, Salapao
Video: Thai Vendor Makes Salapao

New Recipe:
Thai Fried Pork Strips, 'Moo Kratiem Chup Paeng Tod'

This is a marvelous Thai fried pork with thin soy sauce as a key ingredient.

The pork is perfect paired with Thai pineapple chilli sauce.

You might be also interested in our recipe for Thai-Style Fried Chicken.

Moo = Pork. Kratiem = Garlic. Chup = Dip. Paeng = Flour. Tod = Fried. So this is Garlic Pork Flour-Dipped and Fried.

Our Thai batter mix perfectly coats your pork. Our recipe is easy to follow and doesn't take long to make.

See our New Recipe: Thai Fried Pork Strips

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