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shrimp paste, tra chang Premium Quality Shrimp Paste, Tra Chang brand
Tra Chang fish sauce is the best fish sauce we've ever tasted, and now we've imported the highest quality shrimp paste from Tra Chang. Made using the finest shrimp, packed in the most hygenic conditions. See our photo tour, filmed at Tra Chang, showing how shrimp paste is made.

Our Tra Chang shrimp paste is extremely fresh, as it was just packed and shipped to us. This is the best shrimp paste you will ever taste.

A key ingredient in authentic Thai recipes listed below, shrimp paste is made from fresh shrimp and salt. A strong-smelling and very important element of all kinds of Thai curry paste. You'll love it in gaeng hanglay. Packed in convenient plastic tub with tighly sealed lid.

Ths is a convenient size (3.3 oz), not a large container but will last a long time.

Ingredients: shrimp 80%, salt 20%. Product of Thailand.

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$4.55 3.3 oz jar
thai shrimp paste
NEW: Shrimp Paste, "Special White" 7.7 oz

There are different types of shrimp paste found in Thailand, and our recent shipment from Aroy-D is all natural "special white" shrimp paste. Different in color and texture to the more typical Tra Chang shrimp paste above.

This is a mild paste with lighter color, without the extremely strong odor, and more "wet" rather than dry. A Thai chef will usually use more white shrimp paste than the darker shrimp paste.

We especially recommend white shrimp paste when making your own Thai curry paste, it is identical to the shrimp paste we used.

Shrimp paste is made from fresh shrimp and salt and this has no msg, and no preservatives. Ingredients: shrimp, salt. Packed in glass jar.

$5.79 7.7 oz glass jar
This item has been discontinued

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