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Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream, 14 oz can
coconut milk
coconut cream
Aroy-D Brand Coconut Milk, 14 oz
Savoy Brand Coconut Cream, 14 oz
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Aroy-D brand coconut milk, 14 oz
In 2009 we decided to recommend Aroy-D as the very best coconut milk produced in Thailand, instead of Chaokoh which we still offer (below). This is based on a report that the vast majority of chefs in Thailand's top restaurants prefer Aroy-D, and locally we've sampled a lot of restaurant chefs who say the same thing. Expect excellent coconut flavor and consistency. Aroy-D is not just an export brand, it's famous throughout Thailand, and the parent company is Thai Agri Foods which is one of the few truly "premium" food processors in Thailand using the finest state-of-the-art machinery. Furthermore, due to our strong contacts, we always have the freshest stock on hand. You'll never get old, outdated coconut milk--we always ship fresh pack. Coconut milk is prevalent in Thai cooking, from main dish to appetizer to dessert. Below are just some of the many recipes that require coconut milk, find much more in our Thai recipe section. Ingredients: coconut milk 55%, water, potassium metabisulfite (as perservative). Unsweetened. Product of Thailand.

Savoy brand coconut cream, 14 oz
Savoy brand is made by Aroy-D, the brand Savoy is reserved for coconut cream. Coconut cream is the top choice for bakers of any dessert recipes that call for coconut milk, and we absolutely love coconut cream in khanom krok. Other favorites using coconut cream: hor mok, gaeng tay poe, met khanoon, and khao neow keaw. What is the difference between coconut milk and coconut cream? Not a great deal in terms of flavor and appearance. In fact, at first sight coconut cream looks less "creamy" than coconut milk. But coconut cream contains less water, and more fat than coconut milk. Also, coconut milk separates over time creating a mix of thick cream separated from the water, so you usually need to stir coconut milk together before using it. With coconut cream, there is more consistency, it's smoother, and doesn't separate into chunks of cream. Ingredients: coconut milk 70%, water, potassium metabisulfite (as perservative). Unsweetened. Product of Thailand. Please also see our coconut cream powder, to make an even thicker, richer cream especially suitable for dessert recipes.
Nutrition Facts (stated on can)
Aroy-D, coconut milk Savoy, coconut cream Chaokoh, coconut milk
Serving 1/2 cup Serving 1/2 cup Serving 1/2 cup
Calories 160 Calories 200 Calories 225
Calories from fat 150 Calories from fat 180 Calories from fat 180
Total fat 17 g Total fat 20 g Total fat 21 g
Saturated fat 12 g Saturated fat 14 g Saturated fat 15 g
Sodium 17 mg Sodium 17 mg Sodium 22 mg
Chaokoh brand coconut milk
High quality coconut milk, Chaokoh brand, imported from Thailand, is what we've offered for 10 years in the most convenient 5.6 oz serving size. We also carry 13.1 oz if you prefer. Useful in making dozens of dishes found in our Thai recipe section. Please also see our coconut cream powder, to make a thicker, richer cream especially suitable for dessert recipes. Ingredients: coconut extract, water, citric acid (as antioxidant), sodium metabisulfite (as perservative). Unsweetened. Product of Thailand.
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aroy-d natural coconut milk
ALL NATURAL 100% Coconut Milk, Preservative-Free
When we started offering all-natural coconut milk for the first time a few years ago, it was an instant success. Until then, it was only possible to buy canned coconut milk that contained preservatives and had a 3 year shelf life.

We carry two brands: Aroy-D and Chaokoh, both are completely preservative free and have a one year shelf life.

Only the very best quality coconut can be packed this way. Made to the highest standard.

Aroy-D is a large company manufacturing a wide variety of products. They produced a national advertising campaign promoting their status as the number one choice of chefs.

Chaokoh is another large company with a main focus on coconut milk, probably the largest source of coconut milk in the world.

They are both capable of producing excellent all-natural quality but some customers like one brand over the other. We tend to think the freshest will be best, and we are proud to mention here dates for each brand.

Packaged in a modern paper carton (BPA free, made by SGI Combibloc of Switzerland or Tetrapak of Sweden). Consistency is nice and creamy.

There are two sizes available. A nice large box 33.8 oz (a bit more than 1 quart). We also offer it in a convenient 8.5 oz box (slightly more than 1 cup).

Two years we met with Prime Minister of Thailand, Samak, also a celebrity chef who had his own cooking show. He used this coconut milk to make delicious Tom Kha Salmon soup, see our video of Samak's Tom Kha Salmon.

We also offer coconut milk in cans.

Ingredients, Aroy-D Brand: coconut milk 100%. Product of Thailand.
Ingredients, Chaokoh Brand: coconut milk 100%. Product of Thailand.

No guar gum, no preservatives, nothing but pure 100% coconut milk.

See: More Information About our All Natural Coconut Milk
Robert K, Hempstead TX: "We order AROY-D coconut milk from you. We are nutruition and health conscious, and have experimented with many other "milks", such as soy, hemp, dairy, almond, rice, etc. So far coconut milk seems to be the safest, more nutritious, and - just as important - the tastiest. Did you know that AROY-D is the only coconut milk producer that packages their product in a package instead of a can. Why is this important? Because scientific research has now found that the lining of tin cans contains Bisphenol A (BPA), just like some plastics do. BPA has now been proven to be a carcinogen. It's one of the reasons why people are being encouraged to find alternatives to drinking water from plastic water bottles."

Is Aroy-D or Chaokoh All Natural Coconut Milk ORGANIC? First of all, you will never find coconuts on any list of fruits that contain high levels of pesticides. Strawberries, apples and peaches are examples of fruits ranked with high pesticide levels, making organic a wise choice. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is made from mature coconuts (at least one year old), and there is a very thick husk protecting the fruit. These coconuts are grown in trees 20'+ tall. Neither organic nor conventional coconuts have measurable chemical residues in the pulp, so both are good choices.

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