Black Pepper Steak

Covering a steak in freshly-crushed black pepper, we create here a simple delicious barbecue that highlights the natural great beef flavors.

Black pepper and steak go so well together so use it generously.  

This is our second recipe using black pepper, also see Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Here we used a T-bone steak.


For 2 Person(s)


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Method for Black Pepper Steak

Season both sides of your steak lightly with the fish sauce, sugar, salt, oyster sauce, and garlic. Set aside at room temperature.

Using the flat side of a knife handle, gently crush each black peppercorn individually to yield a nice pile of coarse black pepper.  At we are using the freshest black pepper that's only weeks from harvest, so it's soft and still light on the inside (as shown).  You can also use a mortar and pestle for this job.

Generously cover each side of your steak with the black pepper then place on the barbecue to cook until your desired level.  We prefer a slight pink center as shown.

Enjoy! Your fresh black peppercorn really adds to this steak.