Black Pepper Seafood Soup

Very simple seafood soup that you can easily master tastes like what a professional chef prepares for a royal guest. Use good quality seafood and be sure to garnish with a healthy dose of fresh black peppercorn.


For 2 Person(s)


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Method for Black Pepper Seafood Soup

In a sauce pan (here we used our Zebra 16 cm) add about 3 cups of water and the jasmine rice.  For best results, rinse the jasmine rice first.  Place over medium heat and let the rice soften, this takes about 12-15 minutes.  

In the meantime, put your preferred piece of seafood (here we used grouper, but you can use fresh ling cod or other ocean fish) in a frying pan and marinate it at room temperature with fish sauce, fresh Thai chilli pepper, ginger, and green onion (see photo).  Do not heat the frying pan yet.

After the rice has softened, carefully move your piece of uncooked fish into the simmering rice, leaving behind the ingredients in the frying pan, and let your soup cook for a few more minutes.  

Back to the frying pan, add a bit of vegetable oil, then gently cook the marinade ingredients over medium heat for a few minutes.  

Remove fish soup from heat and set aside.  

Scoop up some of the oil and various ingredients from the sauce pan and spoon that over your soup. This gives your soup nice color and some added flavor. 

Transfer to a bowl, then garnish with sliced green onion, cilantrol, and crushed black pepper.  Enjoy!