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Thai Red Curry Paste: Hand Brand (Premium), and Mae Ploy brand.
Hand brand, 7 oz
Mae Ploy brand, 14 oz
See our detailed report on how to make Thai curry paste, and the health benefits.
Hand 7 oz, $4.79
Hand 7 oz x 3, $12.89
Buy 1, Mae Ploy 14 oz, $4.99
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Red curry paste, Hand brand, 7 oz
Red curry paste is a versatile ingredient in so many Thai recipes, see below links for ideas on how you might cook with it. This is a "gourmet" red curry from the highest quality spice company in Thailand, made in small batches using the finest ingredients. Since 1999 we've made personal visits to various producers in Thailand, and Hand Brand is our top choice for curry paste based entirely on flavor and quality control. It's likely better than anything you can make at home using a mortar and pestle (see video below on how it's made). With our premium "Hand Brand Number One" label, you get two 3.5 oz packets, each packet will make enough Thai curry to feed 4-6 people. We like the rich, fresh flavor, we can really taste the difference between this brand and Mae Ploy and Maesri red curry paste. The flavor is more gentle and mild, but you can add your own fresh Thai chiles to make the heat level higher. Taste is complex and heavier to the natural herbs, as only the best all natural ingredients are used. Ingredients: dried red chile, garlic, lemongrass, , shallot, salt, , galangal, shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaf, coriander seed, coriander root. Product of Thailand.

ImportFood.com's curry paste is recommended by Mark Bittman (New York Times). Our customer in Midland TX sent us the following email: "I have just tried the No. 1 Hand Brand red curry paste, and I am embarrased to say how much I ate last night. It is clearly superior to Mae Ploy, and the unit cost is about the same. The flavor is much fresher, brighter, and less grainy. The difference in complexity is like a $45.00 bottle of wine compared to a $14.00 bottle of wine. I also bought the green, and penang pastes, and cant wait to try them."

Red curry paste, Mae Ploy brand, 14 oz
We also offer red curry paste in the well-known Mae Ploy brand, recognized in Thailand as a high quality export product with rich taste and authentic flavor. Many Thai restaurants use Mae Ploy, a mass-produced curry paste with consistent flavor. It's packed in a convenient plastic tub with tighly sealed lid, and the price is very affordable (half the cost of Hand Brand when considering the weight). This is an authentic Thai curry paste, not to be confused with less-tasty "readymade" Thai curry in jars or pouches that already have coconut milk mixed in. Ingredients: dried red chile, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, salt, galanga, shrimp paste, kaffir lime peel. Product of Thailand.

NEW: See our Vegetarian Red Curry Paste, Mae Pranom Brand

Northern Thai Sausage, 'Sai Oua'

Northern Thai sausage is easy to make, and the mix of ingredients leads to a spectacular result. We would encourage you to make this with ground pork or, for any hunters reading, try this with local elk, deer, wild boar, or other natural meat that you might have. Also watch our online video below showing how it's made.

You can't go wrong with this sausage, and we have a feature video filmed in Thailand showing every step.

See Recipe: Northern Thai Sausage, 'Sai Oua'

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Curried Squid, "Plamuk Pat Phet" Thai vegetarian soup
Northern Thai Sausage "Sai Oua" Yellow Pepper Soup
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Stuffed Chicken Wings, "Peek Gai Yat Sai Goong" Thai stir fried pork, Pad Ped Mu
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Thai Curry Without Tears, "Kaeng Sai Mai Rong Hai" Thai Sweet & Sour Sauce, "Nam Jim Priao Wan"
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"Tod Mun Pla" Street Vendor Video Included Thai red curry squash soup
Red Curry Chicken with Bamboo Shoot
We also offer the following Thai curry paste varieties:
Yellow Green Panang Massaman
thai red curry vendor
red curry paste made in Thailand
Famous Red Curry Vendor

This lady is a legend in the area of Kanchanaburi where she brings her home-made red curry paste to market each day. People come from far away to buy it, or they will make sure to visit the market if passing through town, to bring it back home.

She dries her own chile peppers and pounds the ingredients by hand.

Our "Hand Brand" red curry paste is made using the same style, with the finest ingredients all manufactured in a modern facility with high standards of cleanliness and state-of-the-art packaging equipment to meet international standards. The best of all worlds.

Please see our offer above and give it a try.

See our detailed report on how to make Thai curry paste, and the health benefits.
NEW: Ready-made Thai Red Curry Soup
We usually don't recommend the premade Thai curry soup found in some stores, but this premade Thai curry from Aroy-D is quite good if you don't have a lot of time.

More Info Here.
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