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prik pao, mae pranom Prik Pao (chile paste with soyabean oil), 8 oz jar
Prik Pao (or "namprik pao") is legendary in Thailand and has been a staple in Thai households for generations. This is a cooked chile paste with a variety of uses, and it's the key ingredient in tom yum.

For a quick and delicous spicy meal, simply set one tablespoon prik pao in a small dish. Next to that, a bowl of steamed jasmine rice. Now put a little steamed vegetable on top of the rice, add a dab of prik pao, and take a bite. Wonderful flavor.

You can add Prik Pao to any soup or noodles, even use it as a spicy sandwich spread.

Mae Pranom is probably the tastiest brand of prik pao, but we also offer popular Pantai brand in the 16 oz jar. Ingredients: 20% vegetable oil, 15% dried shrimp, 10% dried chile, 10% onion, 10% garlic, 10% tamarind, 10% sugar, 10% salt, 5% shrimp paste. All Natural. Product of Thailand.

Packed in a glass jar with attractive label, Mae Pranom is a large producer employing the highest quality standard, and we also offer sweet chile dipping sauce in the same brand.

NEW: We Also Offer Mae Pranom Yellow Label Prik Pao.

Prik Pao used extensively in our Thai Street Vendor Video Series. NEW: See our video feature on how Prik Pao is made by hand.

$4.89, 8 oz jar Prik Pao, Mae Pranom brand
Prik Pao is used in the following Thai recipes:
Thai Prawn Soup With lemon grass, "Tom Yum Goong"
Cracked Crab Thai Curry "Bu Pad Pong Kari"
Stir-fried Squid in Chile, "Plamuk Pad Namprik Pao"
Fried Sticky Rice, "Kao Neeo Tod"
Thai Fried Clams in Roasted Chile Paste, "Hoy Lai Ped"
Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette, Thai-American style
BBQ Chicken Salad, Thai-American Style
Volcano Chicken, "Gai Pu Kao"

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