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Healthy seafood soup using basic ingredients. Pound seafood together and shape into balls seasoned with black pepper.  Here we used prawns and sole.  Most of the work was done on our tamarind cutting board as shown.


For 2 Person(s)


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Method for Seafood Soup

Place a chicken thigh into cold water and heat until it boils, then drain and rinse it with cool water to clean the chicken.  Place your chicken thigh back into fresh cold water and heat again until it boils. Turn heat down to simmer and add half an onion (add a bit of ginger if you prefer). Add a bit of salt.  This is your soup stock and needs to cook about 1/2 hour.

Clean prawns and chop them up.  Clean your seafood and do the same.  Slice up a green onion.  Mix this and add to a granite mortar & pestle (or food processor).  Add about one tablespoon of rice flour to each 1 cup quantity that goes into your mortar and pestle.  Also, in a separate bowl mix up an egg.  Add about two tablespoons of raw egg into the mortar as well.  This helps bind it together in cooking.  

Thoroughly pound together then add 1/2 tablespoon of black pepper for each 1 cup of seafood.  Pound together more for at least two minutes, constantly mixing and pounding.  

Strain your chicken stock then place the liquid into a bowl.  Shape fish into balls and set aside.  

In a soup pot, place a tablespoon of sesame oil, and begin to fry some fresh ginger.  As it begins to cook, then add your soup stock.  Heat over medium/high, then add your fish balls.  Let simmer until fish is cooked.  Add a slight amount of sugar and salt to balance flavors, and sliced green onion.  

Serve and enjoy!