Thai Red Curry Oysters and Coconut Cream

Just a few ingredients, and very little time is needed to prepare this lovely plate of seafood. The recipe can be made with any fish--we've enjoyed this recipe using halibut and snapper, but it's a great way to cook really nice oysters if you have them. We purchased a pint of fresh oysters on the Washington State coast, while filming this video feature about local products.

The red curry paste doesn't overwhelm the flavor of your oysters, and the addition of coconut cream brings it all together. Here we prepared it in the most simple way, but you can also serve with fresh greens of your choice, and it's very nice with a generous amount of fresh Thai basil. Always serve with a bed of freshly-steamed jasmine rice.

We used our oven-safe hand painted Thai ceramic platter, which works so well in preparing seafood.

Method for Thai Red Curry Oysters and Coconut Cream

Heat your wok to low/medium heat, add vegetable oil, then add red curry paste. Spread out the curry paste, and fry until fragrant. Slowly add the coconut milk, stir to fully incorporate the coconut milk, and let simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Place your oysters (or seafood) on an oven-safe platter and pour the red curry mixture over it. Place in the oven at 325F for about 15 minutes or until done.

Serve with freshly-steamed jasmine rice, and dollop coconut cream over the side.

To get coconut cream, remove the lid from a can of coconut milk and, without stirring the contents, remove the top cream and discard the thin liquid. Our Chaokoh and Aroy-D brands are very high quality so there is plenty of cream on the top.