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Thai Basil, Fresh

Thai basil has a unique flavor unlike traditional basil. We ship both "Horapa" (sweet basil) and "Krapao" (also known as holy basil or hot basil) varieties.

Horapa (Thai Sweet Basil). This variety has thicker stems, is heartier and lasts longer after you received it. It is less expensive than Krapao basil, on a per-pound basis, but much of the weight is in the stems. The aroma of sweet basil is strong, has a sweet, peppery flavor slightly reminiscent of star anise, and it comes with hearty stems and often purple flowers. Sweet basil is added to a variety of soups and curry, see links below, as well as a popular garnish to be eaten fresh. Vietnamese cooking uses this abundantly as well.

We are pleased to offer a large bunch of fresh Thai basil which will arrive within 2 days after shipment, and we ship at the beginning of every week. The bunch weighs approximately 14 ounces, and has about 24 stalks, each sprig with 25-30 leaves.

We also offer holy basil leaves (dried), and instant Thai Basil Seasoning Paste.

Saveur Magazine recommends our fresh Thai basil in the October 2013 issue

We ship fresh Thai basil via Priority Mail, quick delivery within 2-3 days straight to your mailbox. They are packaged well and should be refrigerated promptly. Please Note: if you order only fresh produce, select "$0.00" as shipping charge at checkout (because the prices below include shipping). Occasional delays due to Mother Nature & harvest conditions. Call 888-618-8424 if you need a definite delivery date. If you order Thai basil and any other non-fresh items, you must checkout with "Fedex Ground" as the shipping method, and you will receive the other items separately. We also offer a Fresh Thai Produce Kit.
14 oz (approx 24 stalks) Thai Sweet Basil
$17.95 includes 2 day shipping
NEW: Fresh Krapao (Hot Basil) via 2 Day Shipping
Fresh Krapao (hot basil)
Hot peppery "krapao" variety is often added at the very end of a stir-fry, including the recipe below. Many customers over the years have requested krapao but we didn't have a good source until recently.

At left is a bundle of 1.5 oz, but what we ship to you is 6 oz. Krapao is delicate with light weight stems and feathery leaves, so 6 oz of krapao is a really big handful.

This is grown in Hawaii and is shipped within 24 hours of harvest, but it's very delicate so you should plan to use it promptly.

We ship all Fresh Thai Produce via Priority Mail, quick delivery within 2-3 days straight to your mailbox. If you order ONLY fresh basil, select "$0.00" as shipping charge at checkout (because the prices below include shipping). If you also order non-fresh items, please checkout with "Fedex Ground" as the shipping method.

Any questions please feel free to call toll free 888-618-THAI.

$16.95 6 oz (large) bundle hot basil
includes shipping charge
Recipe: Simple Hot Basil Chicken

Here's a simple recipe that will surprise you with bold and bright authentic Thai flavor.

1 chicken breast, sliced
1 tablespoon fresh garlic
7 fresh Thai chile peppers
1 handful krapao (hot Thai basil)
1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 tablespoon Golden Mountain Sauce
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon sugar

Heat your wok over medium/high and add a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Roughly pound fresh chiles and garlic in a mortar and pestle (don't pound it too much). Add this mixture to the wok and stir-fry until fragrant. Add chicken, add 1/4 cup water, fry until chicken is nearly cooked. Season with fish sauce, golden mountain sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar. Fry until fully cooked.

Final step: add fresh hot Thai basil then mix for just a moment. Transfer to a dish and serve with freshly steamed jasmine rice.

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Thai Basil on Video: Sidewalk Chef in Bangkok Prepares Seafood Basil
And a lot more from our Recipe Collection!
Green Chicken Curry, 'Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai'

Basic is best, especially with all natural coconut milk.

This is a simple basic green curry we pepare with chicken and a bit of fresh green beans. Nice flavors that a Thai purist would enjoy.


1 lb chicken, boneless, cut into thin strips
17 oz all natural coconut milk
5 fresh Thai chile peppers
1 clove garlic
1/2 cup fresh green beans (or seasonal green of your choice such as broccoli)
5-6 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
2 tablespoons fish sauce
2 tablespoons palm sugar
1-2 tablespoons vegetable oil for cooking
1 cup Thai basil leaves
2 tablespoons Hand Brand green curry paste


In a mortar and pestle, pound fresh Thai chile peppers and garlic. In a wok, over medium/high heat, add vegetable oil then fry the fresh chile/garlic for 30 seconds or so. Then add curry paste and blend together. Stir constantly until it gets fragrant.

Add coconut milk slowly, bring to a high boil then reduce heat while constantly stirring. Be patient and keep it on a high simmer / low boil for about 5 minutes. Keep stirring it while cooking. Add chicken, and continue to stir while cooking until a thin film of oil apppears on the surface. Continue cooking over low heat until the chicken is cooked through

Adjust the flavors to suit yourself, by adding fish sauce and palm sugar. Our suggested quantities of 2 tablespoons each, should work well. Add fresh green beans. Transfer to a serving dish, top with a few leaves of fresh basil, and serve with jasmine rice.

Serve in our elegant, hand-painted Thai ceramic bowl with lid. Makes two large servings. Link to printable version of this recipe.

Below are testimonials received from customers about our fresh Thai basil.
Chef Williams, Timberline Inn, Beaver UT. You guys really stepped up to the plate. Everything arrived just as I needed it and the product looked great. I teach a cooking class and everyone was asking me where I bought the great Fresh Thai Basil. I hope I can throw some more business your way. Thanks again for getting what I needed to me on time.
Christine, Gaithersburg MD. I steamed some little neck clams with fresh basil and tom yum paste...what a powerful flavor! I then used the resulting broth on rice noodles and threw in some other seafood. I feel like there are no limits to what can be done with your ingredients -- I have an entire Thai pantry now! I am always happy to let folks know when I am pleased with products, especially when they are accompanied by terrific customer service...unfortunately the latter is extremely hard to come by these days, so when I find it I am that much more appreciative! Your website has been a culinary godsend...it is so hard to find stuff in Asian grocers sometimes because the labels are not in English...I love that you guys have such great descriptions of your products, they have enabled me to try so many different things! I am a real fan of the Pho paste...I can't image ever trying to make the real thing myself, but this is so darn close, especially if you through some star anise in while it is simmering...I have bought it for friends who are huge, but finicky Pho fans and they too have been pretty impressed.

How to Keep Your Thai Sweet Basil Fresh

fresh thai basil
Fresh Thai sweet basil will hold up well in the fridge for at least a week, but you might try keeping it at room temperature in a pot of water for longer storage, as long as it arrives in excellent condtion and looks vibrant.

Place your fresh Thai basil in a jar of water, then set on the countertop not too far from a window for indirect light. Freezing the basil is not nearly as good as keeping it fresh in water. The Thai basil you see at left has been that way for 3 weeks and still looks like it was just harvested. Simply remove leaves as you need, and save the rest for later. A good batch of Thai basil will keep this way for 6 weeks or longer.

Note: we received this email from a customer in January 2009:
"I recently ordered some Thai ingredients, including some fresh basil.  Following your suggestion, I placed some in a jar of water on the counter.  Within a couple of days all of the basil in the jar had wilted.  I had placed some in the plastic and damp towel (as it is shipped) and put in the fridge.  This looks like it is still fresh. Just thought I'd pass along these results.

Also, this email was received from a customer in November 2011:
I tried putting my fresh Thai basil in a vase on a sunny window sill and it worked great.....My basil lasted about 2 months......I was very happy."

See our complete line of Fresh Thai Produce.

Fresh, Fragrant Thai Basil Ready For A Vase
Anyone who has ordered our Fresh Thai Sweet basil is familiar with the wonderful fragrance of our product. Our Hawaiian-grown fresh basil is usually shipped less than 24 hours after harvest.

You might not know that fresh Thai basil keeps fresh for weeks in a vase with water, just put it on your windowsill, pick the leaves you want to cook with, and it continues to grow.

Thai basil is known for a the wonderful fragrance and lovely sweet flavor. There are sometimes purple flowers starting to form.

Our nice large 14 oz bundle is enough to fill up two flower vases. Edible fragrant flowering herbs that you can enjoy in your kitchen